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The DOC is proudly a student-run organization. For more information about the DOC or any of the sub-clubs, please email any of these students (


Alex Lochoff '17
DOC President

Dru Falco '18
DOC Vice-President

Lainie Caswell '17
DOC Vice-President

John Brady '19
DOC Treasurer

Cabin and Trail

Jalen Benson '17
CnT Co-Chair

Dan Pomerantz '18
CnT Co-Chair

Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

Gabe Boning '17
DMC Co-Chair

Dan Propp '18
DMC Co-Chair

Ledyard Canoe Club

Michael Baicker '17
Ledyard President

Isaac Green '17
Ledyard Vice-President

Bait and Bullet

Tom Baker '17
Bait and Bullet Co-Chair

Nick Rzzik '18
Bait and Bullet Co-Chair

Mountain Biking Club

Dave Tramonte '18

Dartmouth Organic Farm

Charlie Levy '18

Woodsmen's Team

MArshall Wilson '17
Men's Captain

Dana Weiland '17
Women's Captain

DOC Trips

Josh Cetron '16

Anna Gabianelli '16

Ski Patrol

Carly Amon '17


Winter Sports Division

Kenzie Clark '17


Last Updated: 4/28/16