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First Year Trips

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First-Year Trips is divided into 10 sections, with staggered overlapping dates (section A starts on Tuesday, section B starts on Wednesday, etc.).

Each section is five days long:

  • Day 1: Incoming students arrive in Hanover and check-in in the afternoon (approximately between 2-4pm). After check-in, everyone plays games to get to know each other, then each trip heads off to dinner separately to get to know each other. Trips spend the night in Hanover.
    • NOTE: As long as you arrive by 4:30pm on Day 1 of your trip, you will be perfectly on time! Do not arrive the day before—we will not be able to provide accommodations for you if you arrive before Day 1 of your trip. If you are concerned you might arrive later than 4:30pm on Day 1, it is not likely to be an issue, but contact us and we will help you find the best solution.
  • Day 2: Trips head off on busses to their drop-off points and head off on their trips. Some trips stay in cabins, others camp out.
  • Day 3: Trips spend a full day out in the wilderness and one more night out.
  • Day 4: Trips head out to their pick-up point and get bussed to the Dartmouth Skiway's McLane Family Lodge, one of Dartmouth's homes in the mountains. The whole section has dinner here, and spends the night.
  • Day 5: Trips get bussed back to Hanover sometime before 5pm. Sections A, B, C, and D head back home for about week until New Student Orientation. Sections E, F, G, H, I, and J move into their Residence Halls after their trip.


2017 Dates

Note: This table is here to give you an overview of the Trips schedule. You will not receive your first-year trip assignment until July, so please do not plan on attending a specific section until you are given your assignment. 

Date Hanover
Move into
Residence Halls
Aug 21st A          
Aug 22nd  B A        
Aug 23rd  C B A      
Aug 24th D C B A    
Aug 25th   D C B A  
Aug 26th     D C B  
Aug 27th  E     D C  
Aug 28th  F E     D  
Aug 29th  G F E      
Aug 30th H G F E    
Aug 31st  I H G F   E
Sept 1st  J I H G   F
Sept 2nd    J I H   G
Sept 3rd      J I   H
Sept 4th        J   I
Sept 5th            J

Note: Please note that students may not request to arrive to campus early unless they are an international student traveling from abroad. 

Students from the Northeastern US: These students will be placed on Sections A through D, because they can return home after their trips. During these sections, we will be running a few busses to Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island to make transport to and from Hanover easy for students (more info to come). 

International Students: Students coming for International Student Pre-Orientation will be placed on Section E or F. Like all students participating in Trips, international students should arrive the day their trip begins. International students who cannot arrive in the afternoon on the first day of their trip should contact us; we will make arrangements for those students (and those students only) to arrive the day before their trip section begins. These students are able to move into their residence halls after their trip section, before International Student Pre-Orientation starts.

FYSEP: Students from the northeastern US that are involved in the First Year Student Enrichment Program will be placed on Sections A-D; students from elsewhere will be placed on Section E. Students on Sections A-D will return home after trips, while students on Section E are able to move into their residence halls after their trip section before FYSEP begins, but cannot move in before their first-year trip. 

Native American Pre-Orientation: Students involved in Native American Orientation Pre-Orientation will be placed on Section E or F. These students are able to move into their resience halls after their trip section, before Native American Pre-Orientation begins, but cannot move in before their first-year trip. 

Transfers and Exchange Students: These students will likely be placed on Section H. 



New Student Orientation will start on September 5th, 2017. For information on Orientation check out this website

Fall term classes start on September 11th. 

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