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The Odyssey is a journey of adventure through physical challenges, group problem solving, and self-discovery. It is a high ropes course in two levels – 15 and 30 feet off the ground – that ends in a double zipline from the upper level. Unlike traditional high courses which are done one person at a time, our course allows groups to work together to support each other both physically and emotionally while problem-solving the various challenges. The activity is fun, challenging, and educational. The basic tenant of the design is that people can accomplish more than think they might be able to in the context of team support. Small groups of four to eight people go through the course together; up to four groups (32 people) can be on the course at one time. It is also possible to customize an event for a group larger than 32. A typical Odyssey session requires 3.5 hours to complete. Allow up to 4.5 hours for a group larger than 32. Groups ascend to the course via a large rope "cargo net". Everyone wears a climbing harness and is self-belayed on overhead cables via a rope system which is attached to the harness. Participants are instructed in the use of the belay system before ascending and are monitored and guided at all times by an instructor. One moves through the course by walking on either wire cables, wooden logs, or wooden platforms, while holding onto various ropes, poles, or simply each other. Varying levels of personal challenge are possible by use of the belay system.


The highest level of challenge is to go through the course using the belay ropes only as backup – holding onto the apparatus and fellow groups members for support. One can use also use the belay system for additional support throughout the course; or use it only at the beginning or only occasionally. It is up to each participant to push him or herself to a level of challenge which is right for that person. It is possible to descend from the course via a cargo net without going to the upper level. Descent from the high level is made by zip-line. As the participants launch out from the last platform on the course, a hydraulic zip-line apparatus lowers them gradually to the ground as they zip back and forth across the space. People descend together with a partner who is on a separate line at the other side of the platform. This is unlike traditional zips which use gravity in conjunction with a brake system at the bottom, and are performed solo. It allows for a higher launch point, a more controlled descent, and a more accessible and supportive experience for all. The Odyssey is fun, challenging, and a unique experience!

Before your trip to the Ropes Course, please download and read the participant information sheet.

Last Updated: 4/19/17