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The Dartmouth High Ropes Course offers linear team events, designed for 4-8 participants to complete together. The Odyssey Course’s central idea is that participants acting as a group will share a more productive, fun and educational challenge course experience than participants in a traditional ropes course design. The Odyssey Course allows small teams of 4-8 persons to have a more engaging challenge course experience since they go through the entire course together. The course can engage multiple groups of 8 persons simultaneously, with a total of seven groups –56 participants in the course at the same time.

The group embarks on the course after climbing an inclined cargo net into the lower level, first treehouse. The inclined net is created with a 6-12 inch grid pattern, and is installed at an angle that allows participants to ascend without a belay. This increases the speed and ease of entry up on to the event.


At any treehouse, the group attaches into the overhead belay system (via static tethers) and enters the first level of linear course events. Working together, the group successfully completes the first event. The overhead safety cables are designed to allow the group to proceed into the second event without transferring tethers.

Once the lower level events are completed the group can ascend to an upper level treehouse via a tube cargo net. The group will then make their way across the upper elements toward the final exit element the "Tandem Zip Lines." These automated zip lines create a double participant exit that is efficient for the facilitators, fun for the participants, and keeps the flow of the course focused on group engagement.

Before your trip to the Ropes Course, please download and read the participant information sheet.

Last Updated: 9/26/16