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Adventure Course

This is an extensive system and variety of traditional low course elements located in the beautiful area of Oak Hill. You'll experience teamwork and leadership in a whole new way. 

Participants work in groups of up to 15 people to complete each challenge. The course requires team effort, creativity, and communication.Each element requires both physical and mental commitment from each participant, but are not necessarily physically demanding.This low course can accommodate several groups at once. There are enough teambuilding elements and space in this area to accommodate large organizations, as many as 125 people.

Limit: Varies. 8 - 15 people per small group. Time: 3 hours. 


Development Course

A series of linked initiatives, groups can gain new problem solving skills as well as techniques that enable them to put learning into actions on the next event. All events can utilize up to 10 people; a total of 20 people can be involved in the activities at one time.

Activities for the course can employ two independent styles. One technique involves using a "litter basket" which simulates the complexity of moving through challenging terrain with an immobile "victim." The emotions created by handling an injured and immobilized victim (simulated!), intently focuses groups on leadership development, teambuilding, communication, complex problem solving, and compassion for those involved.

The second technique uses more traditional experiential training techniques to emphasize and promote similar learning objectives. Novel activities that utilize complex problem solving, physical adeptness, communication and teamwork provide the basis for these initiatives. Similar to the rescue initiatives, these activities can occur sequentially, thereby allowing the facilitator to develop skills in a deliberate and planned method.


Before your trip to the Ropes Course, please download and read the participant information sheet.

Last Updated: 9/26/16