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Eagle Hollow

This small, but impressive-looking area close to home has been much overshadowed by Rumney and other crags, but local climbers have been enjoying it for many years. Tucked away in a pretty, out-of-the-way Vermont valley, it has a considerable amount of rock, some of it impressively steep.

How To Get There: 
Drive north from Hanover and then northwest on Route 113. Just before you get to Vershire, after a curve left in the road and just past a white house, take a right on Eagle Hollow Road. Continue about a mile or so, up a hill, then down the other side. Park by the left side of the road opposite a mailbox (“Box #1” — there is a cabin 200 yards into the woods on the left side). The cliffs are on the right side of the road, a couple-hundred yards uphill. Driving time: 45 minutes.

The obvious approach trail leads to the highest part of the cliff. Here there are a couple of large, 160 foot high dihedrals, which are rated about 5.6, with extensive steep rock to either side. Walking to the right, the cliff becomes very low angle, somewhat grungy, and overgrown. At the extreme right side of the cliff, uphill, there are some large roofs close to the ground, with aid-cracks, at least, and perhaps free routes as well.

Last Updated: 10/21/12