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Local Bouldering

180 million years ago an active volcano roared a mere two miles or so from the location of present-day Hanover. That volcano has long since eroded away, leaving exposed the subterranean magma chamber which fueled it’s eruptions. The magma congealed into a beautiful granite, which, fractured by glacial action, is the source of myriads of high-quality boulders and tiny outcrops that lie scattered here and there throughout the woods to the southeast of campus. Incredibly, this marvelous resource was mostly unknown to the Dartmouth climbing community until its existence was discovered by Bobby Hardage ’99 through many days, months, and years of inspired boulder-seeking. The boulders are hard to find and located on huge tracts of non-posted (but private) land. Ask knowledgeable members of the DMC and they might give you a few hints on how to find them. It’s marvelous to finally have excellent local climbing that’s easily biked to. If you drive, park legally. Always be discreet and very unobtrusive. Don’t bellow and shriek in the woods — there are other nature lovers out there who want serenity and quiet. Treasure and protect these places — which are also marvelous for exploration, simple woods-wandering and contemplation.

Last Updated: 10/21/12