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Rose Ledges

Located just over the border in Massachusetts, Rose Ledges is an immaculate crag with a dense concentration of short but excellent climbs. The crag is at most about fifty feet high, but is very steep and runs for nearly a half-mile through the woods. The rock bears a resemblance to the gritstone edges of Britain. Very high quality climbing, together with a pretty, secluded location for many years made this a favorite destination for Dartmouth area climbers. The weather, too, tends to be favorable, since the flatlands of Massachusetts lie in a slightly more benign climatic zone than Hanover. It is not uncommon to depart Hanover on a gray, drizzly morning and be climbing in the sun at south-facing Rose Ledges a couple hours later.

How To Get There: 
Take I-93 south to the Northfield-Bernardson exit in Massachusetts, go left several miles to a “T”, and turn right. Continue past the Northfield Recreation Area. If western Massachusetts climbing is to your liking, ask the locals there for directions to other excellent area crags, such as Mormon Hollow, The Sun Bowl and The Great Barrington Boulders.

Reference: Rose Ledge Rock Climbs by Al Rubin, Gneiss Guy Publishing, 1999

Last Updated: 10/21/12