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Hikes near Dartmouth

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Want to get out on the trails? Visit the Upper Valley Trail Finder to find the most up to date trail info!

The hikes described below are some of our favorites near Dartmouth. Many more hikes are possible and are described in the abundant number of hiking books available for this region. Or you can pull out a map and pick your own destination!

The descriptions here also list a book time, calculated by adding a half-hour for every mile traveled and a half-hour for every thousand feet ascended (for example, a one-mile one-way hike which ascended one thousand feet would have a book time of one hour). This is an average summer hiking time — actual times may very considerably depending upon the weather and the season. The fastest hikers can sometimes complete a hike in half the book time, while leisurely hikers may want twice the listed book time. Since it’s not a race, it’s up to you.

If you’re looking for more hiking ideas or other people to share your hiking, check out Cabin and Trail, one of the DOC’s member clubs. In addition to being the de facto hiking club at Dartmouth, they are also responsible for maintaining fifty miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail which runs from Georgia to Maine, as well as ten cabins throughout northern New Hampshire available for rent to the public. The club meets every Monday night at 10 pm in the basement of Robinson Hall, or email for more information.

HikeDistance from HanoverRound-trip Hike Time
Velvet Rocks - 3 hours
Balch Hill - 1 hour
Moose Mountain 7 miles 3 hours
Gile Mountain 7 miles 1 hour
Holt’s Ledge 13 miles 2 hours
Smarts Mountain 15 miles 5 hours
Mount Cube 28 miles 4.5 hours
Mount Cardigan 25 miles 2.5 hours
Mount Ascutney 24 miles 5 hours
Camel’s Hump 65 miles 5 hours
Franconia Ridge 65 miles 6.5 hours

Last Updated: 7/15/19