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The Point

Please see below for important information and guidelines about the use of this fragile space.

This spot may go by a variety of names. It has become a favorite of students in the summertime, especially as a Connecticut River swimming hole. The western bank of the Point is steep, but the southern end is more broad, providing space to lay a blanket and stretch out under the pines.

Due to high erosion levels from excessive foot traffic in the area and to
address community concerns, the town is limiting the use of Mink Brook point on
the river. The town and College ask you to support the Hanover community and
the town's revegetation efforts by abiding by the following restrictions:

*Access to Mink Brook is dawn-to-dusk only;

*No alcohol is permitted in any town park, including Mink Brook;

*Mink Brook is an ecologically-fragile habitat. It is not appropriate for large

*No amplified sound is permitted;

*There is no trash disposal at Mink Brook. You must pack-out your belongings;

*Do not park vehicles on Downing or Maple streets; cars must be parked in
municipal parking lots;

*The river is shallow. Installation of rope swings is prohibited; and, please
do not jump from trees into the water.

*Swimming is at one's own risk.


Please help us preserve access to this beautiful, close-by, natural resource. 

How to get there: 
From the Hanover Inn, follow South Main Street south to the corner of Main and Maple Street (just before the gas station). Turn right onto Maple and follow it until it makes a sharp right bend to a dead end, just after reaching the top of a small hill. At the bend follow the path which begins next to the mailbox and winds down a steep bank to the river. At the river’s edge, the path bears left and ends at the southern edge of the point.

Last Updated: 6/20/19