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Paddling in the Northeast is a great treat. There is no bright pulse like the frigid tide of a spring thaw, or the fleeting torrent of a summer thunderstorm. There is no serenity like gliding across a lake through the misty, ripple-less calm of dawn. These are some of the joys you can look forward to in this blessed corner of the world. The paddlers of the Ledyard Canoe Club have been chasing and discovering these places and experiences for decades, and the Club continues to be a rallying point for paddlers of all kinds.

These descriptions represent only a brief introduction to the myriad boating opportunities available to you, the paddler, in the Upper Valley. Take advantage of the amazing landscape you find yourself in. Explore. Discover! These pages will get you started, but you will need three additional things: (1) the roadmap to get you there, (2) the appropriate gear to keep you warm and afloat, and (3) the experience and knowledge to get you safely through your trips. The descriptions are not a substitute for any of these. In fact with these three items in the right proportions you could do very well without these descriptions. So remember, the descriptions are not exhaustive and are no surrogate for preparedness and experience. Do not attempt any trip described herein with the assumption that your experience will mirror exactly what is reported here. The descriptions are but a snapshot of a moment in history and the difficulty ratings merely estimates for medium levels. Always carefully consider the fact that the fluvial environment is in a state of constant flux. Be safe, paddle hard, and have fun. Cohaereamus!

If you’re looking for equipment rentals, trips, instruction, or any other information, Ledyard Canoe Club is the place to find these. The Club is located at the far end of the parking lot on the north side of the Connecticut River bridge in Hanover. If you are looking to meet other paddlers, stop by the Club on a Thursday night at 6:30 pm for a three-dollar, home-cooked feed. You can also call the Club at (603) 643-6709, send email to, or check the webpage for more information.

Last Updated: 7/25/18