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Balch Hill Descent

EASY 6 mile ride (1/2 hour)

The Balch Hill Descent is just that; a gradual ascent around the backside of Balch Hill and then a steep 9% grade descent down Balch Hill back into Hanover. Follow East Wheelock Street past Alumni Gym until you hit a light at Park Street. Turn right and follow Park Street out of town as it turns into Route 120. After a mile or so, take a left at a stoplight onto Greensboro Road. Follow Greensboro for approximately two miles and then turn left onto Great Hollow Road. You’ll be on Great Hollow for mile or so. Then take another left, this time onto Trescott Road. Follow Trescott back into Hanover. There will be a heart-stopping descent of Balch Hill, so test your brakes before this one!

Last Updated: 10/21/12