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Goodrich Four Corners Loop

EASY 10 mile ride (1 hour)

The Goodrich Four Corners Loop is a good ten-mile loop and a fun short ride for a day when time is a consideration. Follow West Wheelock out of town, cross Ledyard Bridge and turn right onto River Road. This will turn into Route 5. Keep your eyes open, and after about 2.5 miles turn left onto Goodrich Four Corners Road. Follow this road for about three miles. It turns to dirt for about a quarter mile. DonÕt stress Ñ the dirt road is well packed and brief. However, if it has been raining this might be a ride to avoid. At the terminus of Goodrich Four Corners, turn left onto Union Village road and shift into an easy gear. There will be two moderate climbs and then a descent into downtown Norwich. Once in Norwich, follow Main Street out of town, across the river, and back to Hanover.

Last Updated: 10/21/12