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Quechee Route

DIFFICULT 30 mile ride (2 hours)

This is a trip to Quechee, Vermont. To get there, cross the Ledyard Bridge and turn left onto Route 5 after passing under I-91. After dropping into White River Junction, turn right onto Route 4. You’ll pass some nice natural scenery and eventually take a right on Waterman Hill Road. The next turn is a left on Main Street in Quechee. Follow this with a right on Queechee/West Hartford Road. In West Hartford itself take a right onto Route 14 and a left onto Route 5. Back in Norwich, it’s a right on Main Street, followed by crossing the Ledyard Bridge.

Alternate route: If you are looking for a big challenging climb and the best descent around, try this: head out of Hanover towards Norwich. After passing under the highway, take a left onto Route 5. Follow this uphill for about two miles until you see Jericho Street on the right. Head right and up the hill (it turns to dirt near the top) and then come sweeping down into the White River valley. Watch out towards the bottom of the hill — the road goes up over a small bridge and then ends at a Ôlsquo;T’, and if you aren’t careful you might end up in the bushes. Turn right the the “T” and then veer right onto Route 14. Follow Route 14 until you hit the West Hartford, then take a left onto Quechee/West Hartford Road. The rest of the ride is the reverse of the Quechee Route — you can avoid the big hill up out of White River Junction by staying on Route 4 across the river, and then taking a left route onto Route 10 back to Hanover.

Last Updated: 10/21/12