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The Dartmouth Outing Club is a student-run umbrella organization made up of a Student Directorate and about a dozen member clubs. Day-to-day management is handled by the Officers, who receive advice from the Advisory Council. The DOC gets administrative support from the Outdoor Programs Office.

Student Directorate

The Student Directorate consists of the President, the Vice-President(s), the heads of the member clubs, and such positions as the President decides to create. The Directorate is responsible for club-wide policies and activities. Its office is located in room 13 of Robinson Hall.

Member Clubs

For historical reasons and for reasons of size, the DOC is divided into about a dozen member clubs each of which have a specific outdoor interest. The roster of member clubs changes occasionally to meet the needs of the student body — students stop participating in one club and it is derecognized due to lack of interest, or a new group of students get together and ask to create a new club.


The Officers consist of the President, Vice-President(s), Treasurer & Secretary. The Officers usually meet every week to plan club-wide activities, discuss policy, etc. The Student Directorate often meets weekly as well.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of seven student leaders (the DOC President, Vice-President(s), and the heads of the five most active member clubs), and seven College administrators/alums/community members with experience in outdoor activities appointed by the Director of OPO. The Council usually meets once per term to provide a larger and longer perspective on Club activities.


The Outdoor Programs Office (OPO) provides administrative support to the Dartmouth Outing Club. The OPO Business Office handles vehicle reservations and monetary disbursements for the clubs and DOC cabin reservations for the public. The Outdoor Programs Office is part of the Division of Student Affairs at Dartmouth College. 

Each club also has one of the OPO staff members as their partner, the first person to go to when they have questions about DOC, OPO, or College policies or procedures.

Last Updated: 10/21/21