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Being on a Croo

What is a Croo?OHC

DOC Trips relies on the work of six croos (Hanover, Lodge, Vox, Climbing, Grant, & Oak Hill). The croos are volunteer logistics teams of approximately 4-15 students who share the responsibilities of keeping each of their respective areas of the program running smoothly. As a croo member, you will be living and working closely with your team for the duration of the program (~3 weeks). You should be excited to work under pressure under a grueling schedule to support the program's goal to foster a thoughtful and fun welcome for incoming students. Being on a croo is an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on a huge number of students.

Check out the volunteer application for detailed descriptions of each croo and their specific responsibilities. Each croo is led by one or two Croo Captains, who are responsible for their croo throughout Trips.

What does a Croo member do?

Each Croo member is responsible for helping his or her croo in whatever way possible throughout Trips. This includes setting up and decorating the home base, providing logistical support to Trip Leaders and trippees, and helping to make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, croo members answer questions, provide advice, and generally offer incoming students a warm welcome. 

talking to trippeesWhat do we look for in a Croo member?

Being on a Croo is an exciting, meaningful, and intense experience. Croo members are picked for their commitment to Trips and desire to build community at Dartmouth, as well as a wide variety of experiences and skills, and the ability to connect to and interact with incoming students. Each croo is chosen to represent as much of Dartmouth as possible; therefore, applications for croos are encouraged to outline their unique interests, skills, backgrounds, and experiences. Being a croo member is an amazing chance to provide incoming students with a positive and open welcome to Dartmouth, and so croo members are selected, first and foremost, to make incoming students feel comfortable and welcome in their new home.

How Are the Applications Graded?

Croo applications are read by the Croo Captains and members of the Trips Directorate. The first reading and grading of the croo applications is BLIND, meaning that your name, year, gender, and other identifying information will not be included during the first read. This is done to ensure that each applicant is given equal opportunity without the bias of any readers who may know the applicant. The final decisions are made collaboratively by all Croo Captains, the Directors, and the Outreach Coordinator. 

What Does the Croo Training Involve?

If selected, you must complete the requisite training. All croolings are required to be First Aid and CPR certified--we will be running trainings in the spring and summer. All croolings will also have to attend a training session, which will function more as a discussion about how we as a program can make Trips a more welcoming experience for ALL first-years, and better understand the mosaic of backgrounds and experiences that make up a Dartmouth student. hcroo

Last Updated: 5/11/20