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First of all, we are so glad that you are excited for Trips 2020! We are so enthused by your leadership and dedication to welcoming the '24s to campus this September. We truly appreciate all the time, energy, and commitment you are going to put into Trips and we can't wait to meet and get to work with you all!

All trip leaders will need to complete trip leader training as well as become CPR and First Aid certified (or renew your certifications before Trips begin). If you have led a DOC Trip before or are a sub-club leader, you are NOT exempt from trip leader training. The trainings have been designed in a way that builds upon the experience and expertise of former leaders in preparing new folks. The goal of trip leader training is to bring current students together to share insight on how we can collectively build community at Dartmouth, how we can safely guide students through the outdoors, and how to work well with a co-leader to support the incoming students.

Leaders MUST complete the following training sessions during the spring or summer:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • CPR & First Aid Certification
  • Mental Health Seminar

Each level of these trainings contains components of risk management, community building, and wilderness skills training. You can complete your training by attending each of these trainings separately throughout the spring or summer term OR by attending ONE "All-in-One" day-long training. These are a blast and a great way to take care of all your non-medical training in one day! CPR and First Aid classes are not included in the "All-In-One" sessions. In order to successfully complete each training you need to show up on time, stay the whole time, and be engaged so you can really learn the skills you need to lead a trip.

Note for Waitlisted Leaders: You are invited to complete all of the required leader trainings. This will increase your chances of getting off of the waitlist. 

FA/CPR Cert Information

Any certification from a nationally-recognized provider will fulfill our requirement (American Heart Association, Red Cross, etc). Certifications more advanced than Basic First Aid will definitely fulfill the first aid requirement (WFA, WFR, OEC, EMT, etc). Just check to make sure your certifications don't expire before Trips! You can also get certified at home--check out the big organizations mentioned above. However, on-campus options tend to be easier and cost less, so we recommend getting your certifications through Dartmouth EMS

You must scan & send a copy of your CPR and First Aid certification before your trip begins. Please send certifications to


Last Updated: 2/13/20