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First Year Trips

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Typical Trips

Day One


Arrive in Hanover between 2pm and 4pm. After checking in, you spend your first day meeting your fellow trippees and trusty trip leaders. The afternoon and evening is spent playing games, completing the College's 50-yard swim graduation requirement if you are on a trip that requires it, and having a delicious, locally-sourced, dinner with your trip . The first night will be spent on campus with the your trip and the rest of your section (NOT in your dorm room, you spend the first night with your entire section in Hanover).

Day Two

Embark on your trip! After a hearty breakfast in Hanover, off you go for your first day and night out in the wilderness. Depending on your trip type, you will either hike or paddle your way to your first campsite where you will make dinner, watch the sunset, and sleep under the stars.

treesDay Three

By now, you've had some time to hike, farm, paddle, or climb (and much more!). Day three and night three are your last in the woods, so enjoy it!

Day Four

You emerge from the wilderness a little older and a lot dirtier. Busses will pick up your trip and take you to the Dartmouth Skiway's McLane Family Lodge where you will meet up with other trips and enjoy a night of good fun, great food, and even better entertainment. 

walking home

Day Five

After saying your good-byes to the Lodge, you will be brought back to Hanover. You will arrive back on-campus between noon and 4 pm. Sections A-D return to their homes before Orientation begins; please do NOT make travel plans before 4pm. If you are a student from the Northeast that has requested transportation on our chartered busses, they will be leaving Hanover by 5 pm. Sections E-J move into their dorm rooms immediately upon returning from the Lodge.

Special Notes

For the entire length of your trip, we provide all meals and housing. Though we always have vegetarian food, please let us know on your registration form about any special dietary needs or allergies. We work very closely with the College's Accessibility Services Office and are committed to making the Trips program as accommodating as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or have any specific accessibility needs. Once you are assigned a specific trip, we will provide you with more detailed information about what to bring and where you are going day by day.

Last Updated: 5/26/17