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Directions to the Grant

From Hanover

From the Green, go west on West Wheelock Street, cross the Ledyard Bridge and take I-91 North.

After 54 miles, get off at Exit 19 (onto I-93) and almost immediately get off I-93 at Exit 1 and turn LEFT on Route 18.

After one mile, turn RIGHT on Route 2 East.

After 23.7 miles (crossing into New Hampshire), turn LEFT on Route 3 North.

After 8.9 miles, turn RIGHT onto Route 110 East.

After 13.7 miles, turn LEFT onto Route 110A East.

After 3.8 miles, turn LEFT onto Route 16 North.

After 30 miles (passing through the town of Errol) turn LEFT just before the Wentworth Location Cemetery.

After one-quarter mile, unlock gate and re-lock behind you (under no circumstances leave the gate unlocked!). When you reach your destination in the Second College Grant, please park so as not to obstruct traffic and ensure that there is room for large logging trucks to pass at reasonable speeds. Maximum speed in the Grant at all times is 25 MPH.

Total driving time from Hanover, approximately three hours.


For a more leisurely route, exit from I-91 at Wells River and stay on route 302 East along the Ammonoosuc River through the towns of Bath and Lisbon to Littleton. Route 302 turns right at a stop light in Littleton. Follow Route 302 to Twin Mountain, turn left onto Route 3 and drive about 1 mile to the junction with Route 115. Turn right onto Route 115 and proceed to its junction with Route 2. Take a right on Route 2, to its junction in Gorham with Route 16, and follow Route 16 North through the paper mill town of Berlin up to the Grant access road in Wentworth’s Location.

Last-minute food purchases may be made at supermarkets in Groveton or in Gorham and Berlin, as well as in smaller stores in Errol and Wentworth’s Location. Trip leaders who haven’t been very organized in planning their menus may pre-empt assaults on their reputations by stopping at the Nissen Bakery outlet on the left side of Route 16 just before they enter downtown Berlin — pies, cookies, cakes, and bread are inexpensive here.


Last Updated: 11/14/17