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2020-2021 Season Update & Covid Guidelines

Touring Center Building Access: One of the biggest changes of the season is that we will be operating out of the Old Hanover Country Club building for the winter! The building is located at 5 Hilton Field Rd., is walkable from campus and will provide students a more accessible center than Oak Hill. The building will be limited to staff only this season but we will have a ticket window for you to get your day pass at. We will also have QR codes at major access point if you are uncomfortable heading to the more populated touring center. Be sure to bring your phone if you choose to purchase via QR code as you might be stopped and asked for your confirmation email by one of our friendly staffers. 

Rentals: Another big change this year will be within our rental shop. Unfortunately we will not be able to rent skis, boots or poles to our Upper Valley community outside of our Dartmouth Student, Faculty and Staff population. 

Ticket Sales: Technology will be a big help in us selling tickets. Last season we unveiled our online season pass sales which after some hiccups worked really well thanks to all of your flexibility. This season we'll sell day passes in person at the touring center, as well as at trail entrances through QR codes which you scan with your phone. This will lead to more folks not having a physical ticket but having a confirmation email. Our monitors will continue to ski around, and they may ask to check out your phone so carrying that would be very helpful.

Some Rules We'll Observe:
1. Stay home if you feel unwell
           Symptoms include:
           Shortness of Breath
           Sore Throat
           Joint and Muscle Pain

2. Use your car as your lodge
3. Socially Distance in lines and while skiing & use good hygiene
4. Be Kind & Patient 
5. Wear a double layer (or more) mask in congested areas, while passing and where social distancing isn't possible. Always wear a mask while in nordic center parking lots or around the touring center.

Students: This is a big one! You're trail passes and rentals are free this term! Check out the poster below for more information.


Last Updated: 2/19/21