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First-Year Trips


First-Year Students: Your trip assignments are now available to view! Check your email or click here for important information about your trip assignment, and then you can view your assignment by logging into

If you would like to submit a late registration or have any other questions, please email us at or call us at (603) 646-3996!

Welcome Class of 2021! On behalf of the entire program, we are really excited to welcome you to Dartmouth next fall! The Trips website has a lot of information, so feel free to explore this site, learn about the program, and contact us if you have any questions. For more information, check out our blog. Thanks for your interest in First-Year Trips! 

--Doug Phipps '17, Director
  Apoorva Dixit '17, Associate Director


Mission Statement

DOC First-Year Trips is a student-run pre-orientation program committed to easing the transition of first-year students to college life. This program aims to facilitate meaningful interactions between first-years and upperclassmen that will give students confidence in forging their own paths and identities while at Dartmouth. Trips is a safe, genuine, and accessible outdoor experience that extends beyond pre-orientation, setting an inclusive, supportive, caring tone for the Dartmouth community for the upcoming school year.


Want more information? Here are some quotes from past participants... 

"I had a fantastic experience with Trips... I felt that amazing adventures awaited me and that I could become whatever I wanted to become here." - '19

First-years enjoying the view after a day of climbing.   First-year running through a tunnel of his classmates.

"I was very nervous and honestly a bit overwhelmed with the dancing. On the first day of trips I was silent, but that was only temporary. My trip leaders were so engaging that soon our trip felt like a group of friends." - '20

 Dancing on Robo lawn   Hiking on FYT

"I was super excited about meeting new people on Trips. Not all relationships lasted, but that's okay. Honestly, trips was the highlight of my freshman year and maybe even all of Dartmouth so far because everyone was so welcoming." - '18




Last Updated: 7/8/17