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Moosilauke Ravine Lodge Jobs

The Lodge is a 94-bed mountain hospitality facility, serving dinner and breakfast, that is open to all Dartmouth students, faculty and staff as well as the general public.

The Lodge has three seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall.

For more information, contact Rory Gawler.

Spring Crew

Spring Crew works from approximately late April to mid-June. We hire four crew members for the spring.

Summer Crew

Summer Crew works from approximately early June to mid-August. We hire seven crew and an assistant manager for the summer.

Fall Crew

Fall Crew works from early-September (the day after DOC Trips ends) to the end of October. We hire four crew and an assistant manager for the fall.

Job Details

All crew members rotate through all jobs: Desk (Hospitality), Cook, Dishes, Serving, Projects, and Alpine Steward (summer only). Because the crew shares all responsibilities for running the Lodge, crew members will perform an incredible variety of work, including menu planning, cooking, taking reservations, handling payment, helping with event planning, setting up the dining room, cleaning, gardening, hiking to the summit to educate guests about the mountain, unloading food, performing during “dinner talk” and projects ranging from painting to splitting wood to fixing the plumbing. No specific experience is required: just enthusiasm, and willingness to work hard and to learn. Total earnings for the season are typically about $3000 during the summer and $1500 during the spring and fall, plus room, board, and tips ($50-$100/week). Crew members get three days off every two weeks.


The hiring process for Spring and Summer occurs in January and February, and hiring for Fall occurs in April. A link to our application will be posted on this website at the appropriate time.

Other Crews

The DOC also hires for a number of positions on the DOC Summer Crew. This crew performs various functions including: maintaining the DOCs cabins and facilities, trailwork, new construction and other tasks. This hiring is also done in April; watch for applications. The crew lives on their various sites during the week, but typically return to the Ravine Lodge for a great community feeling on their weekends (typically Sunday and Monday), with room and board at the lodge included in their compensation.

Hiring for the DOC First-Year Trips Lodj Croo is a separate process. Details will be posted on the DOC home page in February.

Early Applications

If you are going to be off in Winter or Spring you are welcome to apply early, but we won’t be able to give you a decision until all interviews have been completed.

Last Updated: 4/16/13