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Class of '66 Lodge Reservation Policies

Reservation Policy

Use of the Class of 1966 Lodge (formerly Harris Cabin II or Harris Centennial) is by reservation only. As of Oct 4, 2008 the Class of ’66 Lodge is available for rental by Dartmouth students, staff, alumni, community members, and non-profit organizations.

Reservations may be made through the Outdoor Programs Business Office in 119 Robinson Hall — in person or by calling (603) 646-2834 — during business hours: weekdays, 9:00 am to noon and 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Reservations and availability questions will not be accepted by email or fax. The office is closed on weekends.


Reservations must be made in the name of one person – that person must accompany the group for the entire reservation, is responsible for the actions of the group at the ’66 Lodge, and for any damages. The cabin is designed for low key social events, feeds, outings and workshops and is not the place to bring your out-of-control party. You may be required to provide a description of your intended use for the Lodge via email or in print. If the intended use is unacceptable, your reservation will be denied. During your rental, a DOC Monitor may check in to ensure that the facility is being used properly (see below for more details).

After a reservation is initially made, reservations may be reviewed by the DOC President, Cabin and Trail Chair, and/or the Outdoor Programs Office Directors to ensure the cabin will be used appropriately. The cabin is designed for low key social events, feeds, outings and workshops and is not the place to bring your out-of-control party. If the intended use is unacceptable, your reservation will be revoked.

All students are expected to abide by the Standard of Conduct and the College Policies and Regulations as described in the Student Handbook. ’66 Lodge is not an exception to these regulations.

You are required to sign a rental agreement before your reservation is validated. By signing, you agree that you have read all of and agreed to abide by the rental policies as outlined here and that you assume all responsibility legally and financially for your actions and your group during your reservation. You also agree to waive the DOC and OPO of any liability associated with your use of the ’66 Lodge.


Reservations run from 10am to 10am (’66 Lodge should be completely cleaned and vacated before 10am). This is different from the rest of the DOC Cabin Chain and is designed to better accommodate day use of the ’66 Lodge. Maximum length of a reservation will be limited, generally, to 3 days at the time of booking. Ten days prior to the start of your reservation, you may extend your reservation into any unbooked adjacent time. Exceptions to this policy for reservations which require longer use and further advance notice may be considered by the DOC depending on the season and demand.

Who Can Make a Reservation?

Since ’66 Lodge is a large facility owned by the Outing Club we have set up the rental system to favor students and larger groups. In order to execute that we have divided renters into four categories:

A function organized principally for students of the College. The attendees must be at least 3⁄4 students and their immediate families.
DOC or Educational
Meets the definition of student, and is sponsored by a DOC Member Club or furthers the educational mission of the college. The sponsoring club, office, department, or student organization is responsible for the cost of the event.
Alumni, Staff, or Nonprofit
A function organized by someone who is affiliated with the college, or by a bonafide nonprofit organization. Nonprofit groups have to be officially sponsored by a nonprofit institution. A student renting for a group which does not meet the definition of ‘Student’ would be subject to these stipulations.
Community member
A function organized by someone who is not a student, staff, or alumni, and is not representing a bonafide nonprofit organization. The principal renter must be a DOC member.

Payment and Fees

Group SizeDOC or EducationalStudentAlumni, Staff, or nonprofitCommunity DOC Member
1-9 $20+$4/person $20+$4/person $40+$10/person $70+$16/person
10-20 $25+$4/person $30+$4/person $70+$10/person Call for quote
21-49 $40+$4/person $50+$4/person $110+$10/person Call for quote

The rental cost consists of a booking fee (per night), which serves as a deposit, and a per person fee (per night), which is charged to any individual in the rental group whether spending the night or just a fraction of a rental day. The entire booking fee is due in full at the Time of Reservation, which is when a reservation is made. The person who made the reservation must provide a list of names and affiliations at the Time of Full Payment in order for fees to be determined. Group size may not exceed the capacity of the ’66 Lodge (49 individuals). The remaining balance must be paid no later than 5 days prior to the start of the reservation (10 days for mailed keys) and before any keys will be issued. Failure to pay on time will result in the cancellation of the reservation and the forfeit of the booking fee. See cancellation policies below for refund information. Tenting is not permitted on ’66 Lodge property.

A valid credit card or college account must be on file at the time of full payment for the collection of any damages and penalties should they be incurred.

Payments may be made by College Account, cash, check, Visa, or Master Card (we do not take American Express or Discover). Checks should be made out to Dartmouth College and mailed to: Outdoor Programs Office, Cabin Reservations, P.O. Box 9, Hanover, NH, 03755. Please return keys to this address.

Misrepresentation of the number of party members or membership status for a reservation will result in the fee being doubled. Failure to pay any fee for a reservation will result in the revocation of DOC facilities use privileges and may result in loss of Outing Club membership. Individuals added after the reservation begins will be charged at twice the regular rate.

NB: If you expect, for example, a group of 25, you must pay the booking fee for that category, which will NOT be refunded in part even if your final group size falls into another, cheaper category. The same goes for the per person rate. It is set at the Time of Reservation, not the Time of Full Payment. Of course, if your group does not meet the requirements of a cheaper category at the time of full payment, you will be charged the appropriate (higher) rates for your group. Beware: failing to notify the Office if individuals are added after the time of full payment (see above). This policy is to encourage you to know who is in your rental group and their affiliations at the Time of Reservation. This information is ALSO used to determine WHEN you can make a reservation (see below).

Additional information

  • All groups of 15 or more pay an additional fee of $30 per night to support the cost of monitors.
  • Groups wishing to use the fireplace pay an additional fee of $35 per night to cover the wood consumption. A key is given to unlock the fireplace.
  • DOC Members pay half the ‘per person’ fee but do count toward the group size.
  • DOC Life Members also pay half on the ‘per person’ fee for their immediate family and receive the fireplace key complimentarily, if he or she is the principal renter.
  • Children under 6 do not pay the ‘per person’ fee but do count toward the group size.
  • Children 6-18 pay half the ‘per person’ fee and count toward the group size.
  • OPO Discount Cards do not apply.


The ’66 Lodge is currently secured by key.

A $10.00 key deposit is due with the rental fee (if paying by check, please write a second check for key deposit for easy return or disposal), which is forfeited if all keys OR the Lodge evaluation and condition form are not returned within five days after the reservation. In addition, there will be a $25.00 charge — per key — for keys lost entirely. After hours, keys may be returned in the drop-box in the door of the Business Office in 119 Robinson Hall.

A $10 key deposit is due with the rental fee as part of the final balance (if paying by check, please write a second check for key deposit for easy return or disposal), which is forfeited if all keys OR the Lodge evaluation and condition form are not returned within five days after the reservation. In addition, there will be a $25 charge — per key — for keys lost entirely. After hours, keys may be returned in the drop- box in the door of the Business Office in 119 Robinson Hall.

When can you make a reservation?

Group SizeDOC or EducationalStudentAll other
1-9 2 months prior 10 days prior 10 days prior
10+ 6 months prior 3 months prior 2 months prior

Cancellation policy

 No PenaltyForfeit Booking FeeNo Refund
Student, DOC, or Educational >10 days 5-10 days <5 days
All Others >30 days 10-30 days <10 days


The Class of ’66 Lodge is designed for large groups of up to 49 individuals and can meet both social and classroom requirements. The lodge has gas lighting, a commercial 6 burner gas cook stove and oven, and ample counter space and cookware to feed large groups. There are sufficient tables and chairs to set up family style meals as well as classroom type settings. Additionally, basic cleaning supplies and toilet paper are provided as a courtesy but cannot be guaranteed.

The building features a kitchen, a main gathering room, an upstairs sleeping room, and several decks and lofts. Two wood stoves supply heat in the winter, and a large stone chimney forms the centerpiece of the room. Use of the fireplace incurs an extra fee for its wood consumption, see above.

The building is insulated, relatively airtight, and heats to a modest temperature with the two woodstoves, even in midwinter. The water available onsite is untreated stream water, piped in during the summer months, but must be obtained directly from the brook after freeze up. A deep pool in the stream area ensures a water supply is available year round. This water is not guaranteed to be potable. Suitable treatment is required to ensure the safety of the water. The two stall outhouse is the only toilet facility. There is no refrigerator or dishwasher. Some mattresses are provided, but no sheets or blankets. Renters will be given an information sheet to explain the features of the cabin and how to use them. The information sheet also outlines the guidelines and policies for the safe use and operation of the facility. You are expected to abide by these policies and guidelines during your rental.

While the cabin can accomodate up to 49 persons, there is only reasonable space for us to keep 27 mattresses on site. If you have additional overnight guests, please bring sleeping pads. There's plenty of floor space.

Location and Access

’66 Lodge trailhead is located off of Three Mile Road in the village of Etna; parking is limited to 6 compact spaces in winter and 8 in the other seasons. The lodge is 0.4 mile from the parking area and is reached by a beautiful and mostly level trail which averages around a 15 minute walk from the road. There is no vehicle access.


From the Dartmouth Green, follow East Wheelock Street up and over Balch Hill and down to the village of Etna in 4.3 miles. When you come to the T-junction in Etna, turn left onto Etna Road. After 0.8 miles, turn right onto Ruddsboro Road, follow it along the brook for 1.5 miles, and turn left onto the dirt road Three Mile Road. About 1.3 miles from Ruddsboro Road, the AT crosses the road (you’ll see trail signs) but keep going. At the bottom of a hollow, you’ll see a small dirt parking area on the right, labeled “No Camping” — you can park here and follow the trail to ’66 Lodge.

An online map to the Class of ’66 Lodge is located here.

Recreational Opportunities

This facility is a wonderful base for ski touring and snowshoeing in the winter as well as for hiking year- round. The Lodge is located near the Appalachian Trail, Harris Trail, Clark Pond loop and many other trails on Moose Mountain. A trail leaves from behind the woodshed for Moose Mt. Summit. The trails are in various conditions, mostly unmarked, please be careful when following the trails.

Alcohol Use

Users will adhere to NH State laws and OPO and College Alcohol Polices. Please go here or here or here for more information.

Monitor System

DOC Club students and members may visit ’66 Lodge functions to help safeguard the facilities and to provide instruction in the use of the facilities, if asked. Any group 15 persons or more pays an additional fee to support the monitoring program, but any group may be visited by a monitor at any time.


Two wood burning woodstoves are provided for heating the cabin. They work best when burning dry hardwoods only, as provided. It is not acceptable to burn food or other trash besides paper products in the stoves. The fireplace is designed for fires that are no larger than can fit on the andiron. Larger fires cause smoke to escape the fireplace and enter the main room. If this happens, immediately reduce the size of the fire. Smoke damage is expensive to repair. Lastly, use of the fireplace is by fee only (see above).

Kindling outdoor fires are illegal in the State of New Hampshire and against OPO/DOC Policies. If evidence of an outdoor fire is found, a fee of $100 will be charged to cover the cost of the firewood and damage to the property.


The DOC requires a credit card or college account be left on file for a reservation. Any damages to the cabin beyond normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the renting individual and charged to the credit card in full including, but not limited to, materials, labor, and transportation. If you observe damage upon your arrival, including outside fire rings, please call the Outdoor Programs Office immediately to report the damage so you are not charged for its repair.

Departing and After Your Reservation

You are expected to leave the Lodge in the condition you found it or better. This requires at least a thorough sweeping and potentially a mopping. All kitchen and table surfaces are expected to be wiped including the cook stove. Upon arrival, cold ashes should be cleaned out of the woodstoves and fireplace and be deposited in the metal trashcan outside by the stream (marked “ASHES”). Never should ashes be left in the ash bucket for long periods of time. The ash bucket should ONLY be used to transport COLD ashes. When departing, leave any hot ashes in the stoves and fireplace. Hot Ashes are a SEVERE fire hazard. DOC cabins have burned down due to the improper handling of ashes.

Absolutely No Food or Trash of any type, kind, or condition is to be left at the Lodge under any circumstances or you will be charged for the cost of its removal and clean up. This means that you need to be prepared to carry out everything you carry in.

The Lodge should be locked and all doors and windows closed upon your departure, including the fireplace if you unlocked it. Failure to leave the Lodge in a satisfactorily clean manner will result in a $50 fee being charged for clean up.

Keys are due back within 5 days of the end of the reservation and the ’66 Lodge evaluation and condition form is also due back with your key within 5 days or the key deposit is forfeited.

Questions or Comments

Questions or comments should be directed to the DOC Business Office at 603.646.2834, emailed to, or mailed to:

Re: Class of ’66 Lodge 
P.O. Box 9 
Hanover, NH 03755

Last Updated: 5/20/14