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First-Year Trips

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First-Year Trips

Looking for more information about First-Year Trips 2024? You're ahead of the game! Details about Trips '24 will be communicated by email in early summer 2024. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us at

Mission Statement

First-Year Trips is a transition-to-Dartmouth program that supports incoming students by providing an engaging and fun space where they can develop a sense of belonging at Dartmouth and its surrounding areas through a small-group, inclusive, and accessible overnight, outdoor experience. We center incoming students’ experiences and provide them with layers of peer support and the opportunity to build lasting and intentional connections within the Dartmouth community. Trips also creates an environment for peer leaders to both reflect on their time at Dartmouth and play a meaningful role in introducing Dartmouth to others.

First-years enjoying the view after a day of climbing.   First-year running through a tunnel of his classmates.

About the program

First-Year Trips provides you a unique opportunity to spend a few days bonding with other incoming students in the beautiful area surrounding your new home. Each Trip is led by two current Dartmouth students who are excited to welcome you. Trips allows you to mark your transition to Dartmouth by connecting with your peers, while beginning to find your own sense of place here.

Commitment to Accessibility

All incoming first-year and transfer students are eligible and encouraged to participate in First-Year Trips, regardless of ability or outdoors experience! We will work with you to find a Trip which fits your comfort level, abilities, and interests, even if you're participating in another pre-orientation program, or are a transfer student.

We firmly believe that there are no wrong ways and many right ways to interact with the outdoors. We want to enable you to connect to your peers in nature in the way that feels best to you.

Our Trip types are built to be accessible to a wide variety of needs. In addition, we work closely with many other offices and programs at Dartmouth, including the Student Accessibility Services, Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS), and Financial Aid. If you are concerned about your ability to participate for any reason, please reach out to New Student Orientation and we'll work with you and campus partners to address concerns or barriers to your participation.  

Financially, there is a fee associated with First-Year Trips. However, we work closely with Dartmouth's Financial Aid office to automatically adjust this fee in line with the aid you receive from the college. If you have concerns about financial accessibility, please reach out to us.

Just can't wait?

Neither can we! Literally so many students and collaborators from all over the college are working extremely hard, prepping to make First-Year Trips 2024 the best it can be. Please feel free to say hi to us in the meantime, through email, on Facebook or Instagram. We love you already, '28s!


Phone: (603) 646-3996

Check out our Instagram if you'd like to see more photos, learn more about the program, or ask any questions!




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