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First-Year Trips

For Current Students

For Incoming Students


Trips Directorate

First-Year Trips is primarily led by a team of current students to as 'directorate'. While First-Year Trips works closely with many other offices and programs on campus, the student directorate is responsible for selecting leaders, creating programming, and shaping the student experience on First-Year Trips.


First-Year Trips 2023 Directorate

Student Director: Miles Harris '23 (he/him) - Miles oversees the student leadership, programming and operations of First-Year Trips.

Trip Leader Trainers: James Quirk '25 (he/him), Evelyn Hatem '24 (she/her), Chloe Park '24 (she/her) - Together, the Trip Leader Trainers work with Outdoor Programs staff to develop and implement training for all student leaders.

Sustenance Coordinator: Madi Duhnoski '23 (she/her) - Madi organizes the food for First-Year Trips, working to ensure that it meets the needs of every participant.

Inclusivity Coordinator: Nico Ludkowski '26 (they/them) - Nico leads the efforts to make Trips a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible space for participants and leaders

Outreach Coordinator: Lindsey Geer '25 (she/her) - Lindsey leads the efforts to make Trips as visible as possible to the Dartmouth community, including both current and incoming students. 

Outdoor Logistics Coordinators: Keelia Stevens '24 (she/her) and Madeline Wolfe '25 (she/her) - Keelia and Madeline prepare so that each individual trip runs smoothly. They review itineraries, coordinate campsites and cabins, and work with partner facilitators to ensure that the logistics of each trip run smoothly.

Risk Management Coordinator: Vaishnavi Katragadda '24 (she/her) - Vaishnavi  works with Outdoor staff to review and oversee the safety protocol and information of First-Year Trips, tracking moments of risk across the program.

Hanover Croo Captains: Evan Barrett '24 (he/him) and Sara Pickrell '24 (she/her) - They lead the Hanover Croo, which supports logistics at the start of each trip.

Climbing Croo Captain: Lucy Rathgeb '22 (she/her) - Lucy runs climbing croo, instructing the rock climbing trips on First-Year Trips.

Oak Hill Croo Captain: Peter Schmid '23 (he/him) - Peter leads Oak Hill croo, which instructs mountain biking trips at the local Oak Hill trails.

Lodj Croo Captains: Armita Mirkarimi '25 (she/her), Anna St. Jean '25 (she/her), Solange Acosta-Rodriguez '24 (she/her), and Eoin Hourihane '23 (he/him) oversee logistics and programming at the end of trips, leading teams at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge and Dartmouth Skiway.

Vox Croo Captains: Izzy Cheney '24 (she/her) and Katie Walther '24 (she/her) - Izzy and Katie oversee Vox Croo, First-Year Trips' safety and logistical response team. They respond to incidents and urgent situations which occur on trips, supporting trip leaders on their whole trip.

Grant Croo Captains: Valeria Pereira  '24 (she/her) and Kira Parrish-Penny '24 (she/her) - Valeria and Kira oversee Grant croo, which supports logistics in Dartmouth's Second College Grant, including paddling trips.

Last Updated: 2/20/23