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First-Year Trips

For Current Students

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Trips Directorate

First-Year Trips is primarily led by a team of current students as 'directorate'. While First-Year Trips works closely with many other offices and programs on campus, the student directorate is responsible for selecting leaders, creating programming, and shaping the student experience on First-Year Trips.

2024 FYT Directorate Members

Grant Croo Captains: Charlie Rudge ‘25, Danni Lu ‘25

Hanover Croo Captains: Lindsey Geer ’25, Namitha Alluri ‘25

Inclusivity Coordinator: Ava Razavi ‘27

Outreach Coordinator: Maisie Pike ‘26

Klymbing Croo Captain: Sophie Lewis ‘25

Lodj Croo Captains: Isabel Zaltz ’25, Madeline Wolfe ‘25

Sklodj Croo Captains: Catherine O’Halloran ’25, Anna Chabica ‘25

Oak Hill Croo Captain: Sasha Usher ‘25

Outdoor Logistics Coordinators: Anna St. Jean ’25, Reah Donohue ‘26

Risk Management Coordinator: Francesco Dembinski ‘26

Sustenance Coordinators: Armita Mirkarimi ’25, Chris Middelberg ‘27

Trip Leader Trainers: Nico Ludkowski ’26, Naya Lunney ’25, Josh Lee ’26

Vox Croo Captains: Daniel Xu ’25, Allie Nishi ‘25

Interested in being on Directorate for FYT 2025? Look for an application December 2025, or email

Last Updated: 2/12/24