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So you'd like to join the DOC?

As a student at Dartmouth College, your opportunities for engagement with the DOC are limitless!

Check out the DOC's trip sign up website: Trailhead

The best way to get started is to check out each of the different clubs and get on their mailing lists. Note that the "DOC-All" mailing list simply sends to all of these lists below and you cannot subscribe to it, or unsubscribe from it. Join one or more of these lists and you will recieve messages sent there. 

Click below on the list you would like to join and you will be taken to the 'subscribe' page for that specific list.

Once you're ready and excited about particular clubs, think about becoming a leader, so you can help share the experience with others!

If the club aspect doesn't interest you particularly, you may want to look at outdoorsy Employment Opportunities, or even just grab a group of friends and take advantage of the many services offered by the DOC and Outdoor Programs.

As a community member or alum, there are still lots of ways to get involved! We invite you to take advantage of all the services we offer, like Cabins, Rentals, The Ravine Lodge and more!

In addition, we're always looking for volunteers to help us maintain our section of Appalachian Trail and other work responsibilities. There are also a number of events and activities that we run annually where we welcome the entire community. From contradances to feeds, Grant Winter Weekend to Howl at the Moon, these fun events are a wholesome, healthy way to enjoy the out of doors and get in touch with a community of like-minded folks. The best way to to keep up with what we're doing is to check out our Facebook page.

There's lots more information on our Resources pages for how to find what you might need:

Last Updated: 10/3/23