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PE Courses

PE Ice fishing with Ray from Collis!

There are a wide variety of PE courses that you can take advantage of each term. Listings can be found on the PE website under Outdoor Programs.


Please read these policies. You are responsible for being aware of all of this.

  • There are fees associated with almost all DOC/OPO PE classes. They are noted in the descriptions, although not listed on the BannerStudent sign up page. We will not excuse the fee simply because you were unaware of it.
  • We cannot offer refunds after the add/drop period except for documented medical reasons, or documented family emergencies.
  • Financial Aid is available to DOC members. See Financial Aid Page for more information.


Winter Term 2020 Course Offerings

Wilderness First Aid

Cost: $250


Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is an introduction to medicine and first aid that occurs where access to normal medical resources is limited. This is a great introduction for anyone who spends considerable time outside or in resource-constrained locations. Participants will gain a basic understanding of patient assessment, treatment of major life threats, and long-term patient care. No outdoors or medical experience required. All required clothing and equipment will be provided (use of personal equipment is OK).


Introduction to Nordic Skiing

Cost: $250


Celebrate winter by learning nordic skiing! Intro to Nordic Skiing is designed to introduce students to the joys of Nordic skiing - both groomed track and off-trail skiing. This class is intended for novice skiers; no experience is necessary. The course price includes lessons, season trail pass, and equipment rental (skis, boots, poles); some winter clothing is available for use during class period. All classes are taught by experienced ski instructors.

Section 01: Tuesdays 2-5 pm (first class Jan 14; last class Feb 25)
Section 02: Wednesdays 2-5 pm (first class Jan 15; last class Feb 26)
Section 03: Thursdays 2-5 pm (first class Jan 16; last class Feb 27)
Section 04: Fridays 2-5 pm (first class Jan 17; no class Carnival weekend; last class Mar 6)
Section 05: Saturdays 9-12 pm (first class Jan 18; no class Carnival weekend; last class Mar 7)
Section 06: Sundays 9-12 pm (first class Jan 19; no class Carnival weekend; last class Mar 8)

(To receive PE credit, students must attend at least 5 of the 7 class meetings.)


More Info 

For more information regarding Outdoor Programs physical education offerings, contact Coz Teplitz at (603) 646-3512.  Financial aid may be available to qualified students for Outdoor Programs Courses. Stop by Robinson Hall or contact Kathleen Decato at (603) 646-2830 for more information. 
If a DOC course is full on Banner, contact Coz Teplitz at (603) 646-3512 
with the course title and a request to be waitlisted.


Last Updated: 12/17/19