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The DOC and Outdoor Programs have developed these policies to help ensure that all of our participants, leaders, officers and staff can consistently deliver the best outdoor education and common adventure experiences. 

Emergency Procedures

Our first concern is always for the safety and well-being of our participants. 
- If anyone is seriously injured, call 911 as soon as possible. Once the situation is stable, also call S&S at (603) 646-4000.
- If the situation is not immediately threatening to life or limb/does not warrant a 911 call, but is still serious, please notify Safety and Security and they will notify the OPO staff on-call.
- Your first priority is to properly care for the victim. 
Incident Reports should be filled out whenever a participant is injured or ill, or when a situation occurs that could easily have led to an injury but for some reason didn't (A "Near Miss"). One rule of thumb is that if you have to deal with a situation more than once, it is worth filing an incident report.
- Discuss with OPO Staff as soon as possible. 


General Policies

DOC alcohol & drugs policy

Driver Certification Process 

OPO Vehicle Operation Policies (AKA Driver Talk)

Notice of Non-Discrimination

International Travel with the DOC


Policies for Trip Leaders

The DOC's club policies can be viewed here

In particular, check out:

How to become a leader - Overview

Guidelines on Leader Requirements

Concussion and EpiPen Protocols



Other Resources

Incident Report Form and instructions for completing. 

Each club has specific protocols and procedures governing the conduct of their trips. These can be found in the policies folder of each club's Shared Drive. If you do not have access, see your club chair, the DOC Secretary or DOC Advisors. 

A guide to planning trips with the DOC

DOC Break Trip Planning Timeline  

International Travel

Trips going internationally must register their travel with Dartmouth. See this section for more information.  


Land Use

Permission from Dartmouth is required for any bolting of climbing routes, trail construction, or other permanent changes to any Dartmouth property. Contact the Outdoor Programs Office or the Real Estate Office. 

Last Updated: 2/12/20