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PE Courses

PE Ice fishing with Ray from Collis!

There are a wide variety of PE courses that you can take advantage of each term. Listings are below.


Please read these policies. You are responsible for being aware of all of this.

  • There are fees associated with almost all DOC/OPO PE classes. They are noted in the descriptions, although not listed on the BannerStudent sign up page. We will not excuse the fee simply because you were unaware of it.
  • We cannot offer refunds after the add/drop period except for documented medical reasons, or documented family emergencies.
  • Financial Aid is available to DOC members. See Financial Aid Page for more information.



For more information regarding Outdoor Programs physical education offerings, contact Morgan Haas at (603) 646-2427.  Financial aid may be available to qualified students for Outdoor Programs Courses. Stop by Robinson Hall or contact Morgan Haas for more information. 
If a DOC course is full on banner, contact Morgan Haas at (603) 646-2427 
with the course title and a request to be waitlisted.

SOLO Wilderness First Aid Class I
April 22-23

SOLO Wilderness First Aid Class II
May 13-14
Farm Fit
Description: Get your PE credit working outside growing food at the Dartmouth Organic Farm. Learn the basics of organic food production through hands-on experience with annual vegetable growing, greenhouse management, permaculture, and aquaponics. Classes will be held at the farm in the production greenhouses and fields. Students will become familiar with greenhouse tasks, seedling care, field preparation, transplanting and proper farm tool use.
Meets Mondays: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm (half an hour for transportation time)
Beginning: Monday, April 3rd
Ends: Monday, May 29th
Instructors: Laura Carpenter and Farm Interns
Cost: $65
Max. Enrollment: 10


Sea Kayaking Break Program
Outdoor Programs will be sponsoring a week-long sea kayaking program, June 13-19, starting from Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada, on the Bay of Fundy. We will be working with SeaScapes Kayak Tours Seascapes and its founder Bruce Smith have a great reputation for skill and safety, environmental stewardship, and teaching effectiveness. And Seascapes was selected as part of Outside Magazines Best of Travel Awards – The 30 Most Incredible Trips to Take in 2015: The area where we will be paddling provides some of the best sea
kayaking on the east coast, known for its large tidal range; whales, porpoises, seals and other marine life; and beautiful natural scenery. The trip involves one day of driving from Hanover (departing the day after Commencement), the 5-day seminar, and a day's drive returning to Hanover.
The group then travels out to the West Isles camping on several offshore islands ( 4 days paddling and 3 nights camping). The paddling environment consists of protected inshore waters, open coast, tidal currents and moderate swell. This is a wonderful playground that provides lot's of opportunity for both personal and group challenge. On the trip participants work as leaders of the day on a rotational basis. This allows participants to put into practice trip planning and leadership skills which were introduced during the orientation. Of course this will be under the leadership / safety net of our instructors/ guides. This is a very solid curriculum which has proven to be very successful. The program provides guides, kayaks and related equipment, instructional materials and meals from breakfast day 1 - lunch day 5. Transportation to and from Hanover will also be provided.
Dates: June 12-18
Cost: $525


Woodsmen's Team
For members of the Woodsmen's Team
Date: Fridays 3-6 PM
Cost: Free
Instructor: Lauren Mendelsohn


Cabin Camping
Spend two nights at a beautiful DOC cabin. Learn how to use a DOC cabin, split wood, light and maintain a wood stove, cook on it and use an outhouse as well as spending both days hiking, canoeing and exploring the wilderness. Skills will be developed to help you plan and implement your own outdoor trip, including equipment, route selection and food planning and preparation. Please note that active participation in these courses is required; this will include preparing food, carrying firewood, washing dishes without running water and partaking in all outdoor activities.
No experience necessary. Gear rental is included in the price of the course.
Courses leave Friday night at 6PM and return to campus by midday Sunday. There will be a pre-trip meeting for the course to give you the opportunity to ask questions.


Section 01:
Dates: May 12-14
Cost: $165
Instructor: Anna Ellis
Max Enrollment: 10


Section 02:
Dates: April 14th - 16th
Instructor: Jalen Benson - Lead & Joseph Waring – Asst.
Cost: $130
Max Enrollment: 13


Section 03:
Dates: April 21st - 23rd
Instructor: Daniel Jackson
Cost: $130
Max Enrollment: 10


Enjoy two full days of hiking some classic mountains in New England. Expect to see beautiful Spring views at the top of moderate hikes. No experience necessary, but should have a decent basis of physical fitness.
Dates: April 9th, 23rd, 30th - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: $130
Instructor: Anna Ellis
Max Enrollment: 10


Beginner Whitewater Kayaking
Most students' introduction to whitewater paddling, this course requires no prior experience. Students will learn paddling strokes and techniques, basic river scouting, wet-exits and the beginnings of kayak rolling.
Dates: Mondays - 2-6 PM
Cost: $195
Instructors: Ellen Davenport - Lead & Charlotte Nutt – Asst. & Brad Geismar – Asst.
Max Enrollment: 8


Advanced Beginner Kayaking
For students who have had kayaking experience, but not quite to the intermediate level. Students will learn paddling strokes and techniques, river scouting, wet-exits and technical skills.
Dates: Fridays – 3:30 – 7 PM
Cost: $195
Instructors: Isaac Green – Lead and Jordan Sandford – Asst.
Max Enrollment: 10


Flatwater Canoeing Overnight
Learn to canoe on this two-day canoeing overnight trip. Basic canoeing strokes and technique will be covered as you paddle one of New Hampshire's beautiful rivers. No canoeing or camping experience necessary.
Dates: April 28th - 30th
Cost: $160
Instructors: Jaime Eeg & Meghan Chamberlain - Split
Max Enrollment: 10


Flatwater Canoe Racing PE Class
This class will teach the basics of solo marathon canoe racing. Flatwater racing boats are narrow, and unstable so keeping them upright can be a challenge, especially while trying to go fast. This is an introductory class and will cover good stroke technique, balance, and steering Students will become comfortable edging, turning, and eventually going fast. Previous experience canoeing or kayaking is helpful but not required.
Thursdays 2:30pm – 5pm
Instructor: Hannah Rubin
Max Enrollment: 5
Cost: $210


Beginner Climbing
Most students' introduction to climbing, the beginner class goes over the basics of belaying and climbing on a top-rope. The class goes to both Rumney, NH and Winslow (Pickledish) and provides all climbing equipment.
Dates: Thursdays 10 AM - 1 PM
Cost: $195
Instructors: Jimmy Buchanan - Lead & Ben Farrar – Asst.
Max Enrollment: 8


Advanced Climbing Techniques
This course will focus on advanced climbing techniques for those students interested in learning how to climb efficiently and safely on all climbing objectives from single pitch cragging to fast and light alpinism.
Course topics will include, climber self-rescue, anchor building with various points of protection (bolts, rock protection, and natural anchors), top site management, multi pitch efficiencies, an introduction to trad climbing, advanced sport climbing techniques, crack climbing best practices, fast and light alpinism, gear maintenance, and crag etiquette.
The class format will consist of multiple ground school sessions and at least one outdoor climbing sessions.
Dates: Wednesdays - 7-9 PM - April 11th - May 23rd, April 16th - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructors: Tyler Allen - Lead & Jack Taylor – Asst.
Cost: $200
Max Enrollment: 11


Single Pitch Instructor Preparation Course
Pre-Requisites for Single Pitch Instructor Course - You meet the pre-requisites for the SPI course if you: • Have a genuine interest in rock climbing and instructing novices on single pitch crags. • Are at least 18 years old at the time of the course. • Have at least 12 months prior climbing experience. • Are an active climber with traditional lead climbing experience (leader placing pro). • Are capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.
Dates: May 14th -15th - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor: Alain Comeau
Cost: $100
Max Enrollment: 5


Swift Water Rescue
Gain your Swift Water Rescue Certification through the American Canoe Association. Boating experience preferred.
Dates: April 29th & 30th - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: $250
Instructor: Jim Coffey
Max Enrollment: 12


Slacklining is the act of balancing and walking on a tightly strung piece of webbing. This class will teach the basics of slacklining as well as intermediate techniques, including the basic setup. Anyone can learn to slackline, and the course will accommodate different learning rates and experience levels. Above all, slacklining is ridiculously fun and gratifying to learn.
Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays - 4:30 - 6:30
Cost: $85
Instructors: Max Saylor & Kevin Gross – Split
Max Enrollment: 8


White Water Rafting Guide Training
This course is designed for anyone who wishes to learn the basics skills of paddle raft guiding. Participants will learn how to use and care for the equipment including rafts, pumps, and paddles. How to rig rafts, define and recognize river features, and river reading strategies. You will learn how to maneuver the rafts, how to teach your crew how to paddle and command the raft. Orientating participants to conditions and how to brief them on safety concerns, and how to minimize outdoor resource impact. Trip organization, leader responsibilities and river rescue will also be covered.
Dates: May 6-7 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: $100
Instructors: Earl and Glenna Anderson
Max Enrollment: 10


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