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Baum Cabin

DOC Cabin (may be reserved by anyone)

Capacity: 6Baum Cabins

Baum Cabin was donated to the DOC in 2008 by Carol and Jim Baum '61, who also provided funds for its maintenance and upkeep. 

Baum Cabin is a two room cabin with 4 beds in bunks and a Futon in the main room for a rough total  sleeping capacity of 6. It has propane heat, range and refrigerator as well as some gas lights. It has a rain water catchment, but we suggest bringing your own water. N.B. The cabin is not well insulated and the heater is not very powerful. We don't recommend staying here when it's below freezing unless you're excited about that sort of thing - be forewarned!

Carol and Jim (a former DOC President) also gave the Town of Hanover a conservation easement on the surrounding property (239 acres), which extends up Moose Mountain, to the west.  While you are here, please take advantage of the trails which start from the Baum Conservation Area parking lot, .3 of a mile south (by road or trail) of the cabin.

Baum is located 16.5 miles from Hanover downtown. It is in the Town of Hanover, but to get there, you travel through Enfield. It is 200 feet from loading, and .3 miles from parking. Please note that Outdoor Fires are not permitted.

Last Updated: 3/10/21