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Second College Grant

Fall 2021 Day Pass Access Info

In 1789, to encourage the the college’s development, the State of New Hampshire gave to Dartmouth College a grant of land in Clarksville, New Hampshire. Most of the land of this First College Grant was sold quickly to raise funds to keep the young college in operation. In the following years, the trustees of Dartmouth periodically petitioned for an additional grant of north country land.

By act of the New Hampshire legislature in 1807, Dartmouth acquired the Second College Grant, a township of nearly 27,000 acres. For generations now, Grant-lovers have been grateful that Dartmouth has managed to hold onto this wild, rugged piece of the New Hampshire north country.

The Dead Diamond River enters the Grant from the north and twists down perhaps ten miles to join the Swift Diamond coming in from the west. Below the junction of the two rivers near the Diamond Peaks, the Diamond River plunges down through a deep gorge and then flows into the Magalloway River at the southeast corner of the township, next to the Maine border.

Dartmouth uses the Grant for timber production and recreational purposes. Visitors should take note of the superb management practices of the Grant forester: marking individual trees for cutting, leaving behind tall and healthy young trees in the logged-over areas, and working in cooperation with New Hampshire Fish and Game to upgrade wildlife habitat. Locked gates control vehicle entries into the Grant, though foot travelers are welcome at any time. Arrangements for vehicle access, which is restricted to Dartmouth-affiliated visitors and their guests, must be made in Hanover. Overnight camping and open fires are prohibited.

For the use of its members, the Dartmouth Outing Club maintains three rental cabins in the Grant: Peaks, Alder Brook, and Stoddard. The Office of Outdoor Programs maintains eight more for the use of Dartmouth-affiliated individuals and their guests: the Management Center, Sam’s, Johnson Brook, Merrill Brook, Hellgate Hilton, Pete Blodgett CabinHellgate Gorge, and Gate Camp.  To learn current rental policies and to make reservations for the cabins in the Grant contact the Outdoor Programs Office at Dartmouth in 19 Robinson Hall, or call (603) 646-2834.

Last Updated: 10/6/21