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Class of '66 Lodge


The Class of ’66 Lodge (formerly Harris Cabin II or Harris Centennial) Cabin, located a ten minute drive from Dartmouth College, was designed and built by Dartmouth students. Located on the slopes of Moose Mountain, the Class of ’66 Lodge is an ideal location to hold seminars, weekend getaways, or just to enjoy time with friends. Our Cabin Instructional Videos were specifically tailored to this facility and will help you get an idea of what to expect, and how to use the cabin safely, efficiently and effectively.

Class of '66 Lodge


Use of the Class of 1966 Lodge (formerly Harris Cabin II or Harris Centennial) is by reservation only. As of Oct 4, 2008 the Class of ’66 Lodge is available for rental by Dartmouth students, staff, alumni, community members, and non-profit organizations.

Reservations may be made through the Outdoor Programs Business Office in 119 Robinson Hall — in person or by calling (603) 646-2834 — during business hours: weekdays, 8:00 am to noon and 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Reservations and availability questions will not be accepted by email or fax. The office is closed on weekends.

For rate information, as well as details on policies, rules, and regulations, please review the full Class of ’66 Lodge Reservation Policies. Before renting, please download and read the Lodge Renter Information Sheet and the Lodge Policy Synopsis and Renter Agreement.


The Class of ’66 Lodge is designed for large groups of up to 49 individuals and can meet both social and classroom requirements. The lodge has gas lighting, a commercial 6 burner gas cook stove and oven, and ample counter space and cookware to feed large groups. There are sufficient tables and chairs to set up family style meals as well as classroom type settings. Additionally, basic cleaning supplies and toilet paper are provided as a courtesy but cannot be guaranteed.

The building features a kitchen, a main gathering room, an upstairs sleeping room, and several decks and lofts. Two wood stoves supply heat in the winter, and a large stone chimney forms the centerpiece of the room. Use of the fireplace incurs an extra fee for its wood consumption.

The building is insulated, relatively airtight, and heats to a modest temperature with the two woodstoves, even in midwinter. The water available onsite is untreated stream water, piped in during the summer months, but must be obtained directly from the brook after freeze up. A deep pool in the stream area ensures a water supply is available year round. This water is not guaranteed to be potable. Suitable treatment is required to ensure the safety of the water. The two stall outhouse is the only toilet facility. There is no refrigerator or dishwasher. Some mattresses are provided, but no sheets or blankets. Renters will be given an information sheet to explain the features of the cabin and how to use them. The information sheet also outlines the guidelines and policies for the safe use and operation of the facility. You are expected to abide by these policies and guidelines during your rental.


Below is a basic pricing summary. Additional costs may apply, click here for details.

Group SizeDOC or EducationalStudentAlumni, Staff, or nonprofitCommunity DOC Member
1-9 $20+$4/person $20+$4/person $40+$10/person $70+$16/person
10-20 $25+$4/person $30+$4/person $70+$10/person Call for quote
21-49 $40+$4/person $50+$4/person $110+$10/person Call for quote

Location and Access

’66 Lodge trailhead is located off of Three Mile Road in the village of Etna; parking is limited to 6 compact spaces in winter and 8 in the other seasons. The lodge is 0.6 mile from the parking area and is reached by a beautiful and mostly level trail which averages around a 15 minute walk from the road. There is no vehicle access.

The Class of ’66 Lodge.


From the Dartmouth Green, follow East Wheelock Street up and over Balch Hill and down to the village of Etna in 4.3 miles. When you come to the T-junction in Etna, turn left onto Etna Road. After 0.8 miles, turn right onto Ruddsboro Road, follow it along the brook for 1.5 miles, and turn left onto the dirt road Three Mile Road. About 1.3 miles from Ruddsboro Road, the AT crosses the road (you’ll see trail signs) but keep going. At the bottom of a hollow, you’ll see a small dirt parking area on the right, labeled “No Camping” — you can park here and follow the trail to ’66 Lodge.

An online map to the Class of ’66 Lodge is located here.

Recreational Opportunities

This facility is a wonderful base for ski touring and snowshoeing in the winter as well as for hiking year- round. The Lodge is located near the Appalachian Trail, Harris Trail, Clark Pond loop and many other trails on Moose Mountain. A trail leaves from behind the woodshed for Moose Mt. Summit. The trails are in various conditions, mostly unmarked, please be careful when following the trails.

Last Updated: 5/20/14