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Lorraine's Gate Camp

OPO Cabin in the Grant

Open to Dartmouth alums and benefits-eligible employees

Capacity: 6

Lorraine's Gate Camp was built in 1962 under the direction of Slim Olsen, the son-in-law of Grace Turner, the care-taker at that time. It was built to replace an earlier cabin at that site which was in disrepair.  It was renamed in 2020 to honor the longtime caretaker Lorraine Turner.

Lorraine's Gate Camp is a three-room cabin located on the Dead Diamond Road just before the first bridge across the Dead Diamond River. It sleeps six (two bunkbeds with mattresses and a pull-out couch) and has a screened porch, an indoor washroom with shower and toilet (in-season), hot and cold running water (in-season), gas lights, refrigerator, and cooking stove, and is heated by a vented propane heater.

Lorraine's Gate Camp is 1.0 miles from the Second College Grant entrance and there is parking by the cabin.

Gate Camp

Last Updated: 6/17/21