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Hell Gate Hilton

OPO Cabin in the Grant

Open to Dartmouth alums and benefits-eligible employees

Capacity: 8

The Hell Gate Hilton was built in 1972 under the direction of Al Merrill and Jack Noon ’68 to replace the old logging camps located on and around the same site.

The Hell Gate Hilton is a three-room cabin located across the footbridge over the Dead Diamond. It sleeps eight (four double-decker bunks with mattresses) and has a porch, gas lights, refrigerator, and stove for cooking, and a wood stove for heating. The kitchen sink has piped water in-season.

Hell Gate Hilton is 12.0 miles from the Second College Grant entrance and there is parking 200 feet from the cabin.

Hell Gate Hilton

Last Updated: 4/12/19