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Management Center

OPO Cabin in the Grant

Open to Dartmouth alums and benefits-eligible employees

Capacity: 11

The Management Center was donated to the College by the Pack Forestry Foundation to be used as living and working quarters for the College Forester and other College officers. It was put into use in 1951.

The Management Center is a five-room building located at the junction of the Swift and Dead Diamond Roads. It sleeps eleven (ten bunks with mattresses and a roll-away cot) and has an indoor washroom with toilet (in-season), gas lights, refrigerator, a cooking stove, and two wood stoves for heating. The washroom and kitchen have piped water in-season.

Management Center now has a wheelchair accessible ramp and an accessible privy to facilitate use by guests that require those accommodations. Please consult with the Reservations Coordinator when making your reservation.

The Management Center is 2.5 miles from the Second College Grant entrance and there is parking by the cabin. The Management Center is often used for meetings and activities related to the management of the Second College Grant and these will take precedence over reservations for personal use.

Management Center

Last Updated: 4/12/19