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Stoddard Cabin

DOC Cabin in the Grant

Open to Dartmouth students, alums and benefits-eligible employees

Capacity: 10

Stoddard Cabin II was built in 1987 by Paul Blackburn ’88, Max Cobb ’87, Jon Kull ’88, and Dan Monahan ’87. It was built on the site of the original cabin which burned in 1987 after only six years of service.

Stoddard is a one-room cabin located on a hill above Loomis Brook, about a half mile west of Monahan's Bathtub (a rocky pool in the Dead Diamond River). It sleeps ten (mattresses in the loft) and has a spacious central room and a porch, gas lighting, a woodstove for heating and a gas range.

Stoddard is 143 miles from Hanover and 50 feet from parking (up to 3 miles from parking in winter).


Last Updated: 11/25/19