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Moosilauke Ravine Lodge Jobs

Last updated 1/25/2024

The Lodge is a mountain hospitality facility, serving dinner and breakfast, that is open to all Dartmouth students, faculty and staff as well as the general public.

Recent crews have included current students on off-terms, alumni from the classes of ‘07-’11, more recent alumni, and others who have never before been affiliated with Dartmouth who found their way to us! This team takes care of all daily operations.

The Lodge has three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Applicants are welcome to apply for mutliple seasons. 

  The 10 members of summer crew stand together with Mt. Moosilauke in the sunny background.   

The 10 members of fall crew crew 2023 stand in front of The Lodge, a large wooden building. They're wearing coats because it is getting wintery.

For more information,  contact Margaret Nichols, Lodge Manager.


The application process for 2024 has begun! Current students on off-terms, alums, and the general public are encouraged to apply to one or more seasons! 

For more info, see this crew info sheet. 

Submit an application by February 4th to be considered in the first review. Remaining positions will be filled on a rolling basis. Position will remain open until positions for all seasons are filled.

Crew member application for Dartmouth student applicants

Assistant manager application for Dartmouth student applicants

Crew member application for non-Dartmouth student applicants  This includes current students who are graduating in June.

Assistnat manager application for non-Dartmouth student applicants. This includes current students who are graduating in June.

Job Details

All crew members rotate through all jobs: Desk (Hospitality), Cook, Dishes, Serving, and Projects. Because the crew shares all responsibilities for running the Lodge, crew members will perform an incredible variety of work, including menu planning, cooking, taking reservations, handling payment, helping with event planning, setting up the dining room, cleaning, gardening, unloading food, entertaining guests during "dinner talk" and projects ranging from painting to splitting wood to fixing the plumbing. No specific experience is required: just enthusiasm, and a willingness to work hard and to learn.


Crew members and assistant managers are paid hourly and are eligible for overtime. New crewlings are currently paid $16.25/hr and assistant managers are paid $17.50/hr. Both positions are eligible for a one time $1/hr raise after one full season of experience. Overtime (more than 40 hours in one week) is paid at time and a half. Additionally, the crew occasionally receives tips from the guests, which are split evenly based on days worked. Crew members get four days off every two weeks with one day off the first week and a set of three days off the second week. This schedule then repeats throughout the season. While not a part of the compensation, crew members do have access to the facilities and pantry at the Lodge for meals, and are provided a bunk onsite in the Crew Cabin. 

Spring Crew

The 2024 Spring Crew will run from aproximately April 22nd to June 14th.

Summer Crew

The 2024 Summer Crew will run from aproximately early June 7th to September 3rd. The start date for graduating students is flexible. 

Fall Crew

The 2024 Fall Crew will run from aproximately September 15th to November 25th. Folks looking to apply to First Year Trips lodj crew should head to the Trips webpage!

Early Applications

If you are off in the Winter or Spring, you are welcome to submit your application early.

Other Crews

The DOC also hires for a number of positions on the DOC Summer Trail Crew. This crew performs various functions including: maintaining the DOC's cabins and facilities, trailwork, new construction and other tasks. This hiring is done February - April; watch for applications. The crew lives on their various sites during the week, but typically return to the Ravine Lodge for a great community feeling on their weekends (typically Sunday and Monday), with room and board at the lodge included in their compensation.

Applications for the DOC First-Year Trips Lodj Croo is a separate process. Details will be posted on the DOC home page in February.

Volunteer Opportunities

The DOC welcomes community volunteers to assist in maintaining the trail network on Mt. Moosilauke! If you are interested in learning more about volunteer trail maintenance opportunities, please email Willow Nilsen at 

Last Updated: 1/25/24