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Research and Academics at Moosilauke

The new Class of '78 Bunkhouse is available for rental by researchers and academic groups wishing to stay at Moosilauke while they conduct their studies. In order to accommodate research groups, we will not take reservations from the public for the '78 bunkhouse until the 1st of the month prior to the month of stay. For example, on May 1st we will open to general reservations for '78 for all of June.

For researchers interested in using our facilities, please email with the dates you are interested in staying at '78 and a description of the research project or academic program.

Accommodations in the '78 Bunkhouse

Dedicated in October 2018, the '78 bunkhouse is located on the southwestern side of the MRL campus, near the '65 bunkhouse and the Leach Field. It can sleep up to 12 in the summer on the upper level, and additional bunks may be available on the lower level in the fall and spring. The upper level has one large room with two 3-person bunk beds and three 2-person bunk beds. The upper level of '78 is heated by a wood stove; a composting toilet and outdoor shower are located just outside the building. There are also bathrooms and showers accessible in the main building. The upper level of '78 also contains a full kitchen, including a refrigerator, stove, and oven, a few couches by the wood stove, and a table. There is no running water in the '78 bunkhouse.


Rates are per person per night. Rates for researchers include overnight lodging in the '78 bunkhouse, access to a full kitchen, and work space. Meals are not included, and research groups are encouraged to use the kitchen facilities in the bunkhouse. Researchers can also make reservations for Lodge meals for the regular rates.

Overnight Lodging Dart. Student, Faculty, Staff Non-Dart. Student, Faculty, Staff* Non-University Affiliated Researchers
'78 Bunkhouse $5.00 $10.00 $15.00

To receive these rates, guests must be part of a research project approved by the Director of Outdoor Programs or MRL Manager, or part of an academic project through a Dartmouth class for credit. *Must be affiliated with a college or university to receive the Non-Dartmouth Student, Faculty, Staff rate.


Last Updated: 4/25/19