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Funding & Grants

Dartmouth students can get assistance for expeditions and research through Dartmouth Out-o’-Doors. All funding decisions must be completed and applications submitted via the form the Sunday PRIOR to week four of the term to allow time for risk management review. The only exception is if the trip planned is not occuring during the following interim, but rather in a future term. For more information about this process, please review these guidelines. If you are ready to apply,  must complete this form to initiate the process

Wolfgang Schlitz Adventure Fund

The Schlitz Fund provides assistance for student members of the Dartmouth Outing Club to participate in outdoor adventures.

Davis G. Kirby ’32 Adventure Fund

The Kirby Fund provides assistance for student members of the Ledyard Canoe Club to participate in outdoor adventures.

Andrew W. Mellon Grant

The Mellon Grant provides funding for student-initiated undergraduate research in environmental and natural resource issues.

Northern Studies Internship Grants

The Northern Studies Internship Grants provide funding to support a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity for students with interests in a wide spectrum of northern forests and lands issues including: defined jobs in the Second College Grant, wildlife conservation and management, forestry, recreation, water resources, and other environmental and economic concerns.

Chris Vale '18 Adventure Fund

The Chris Vale Fund provides funding for one major expedition-style trip per year. Funding is awarded in the Fall term and the trip must be planned for no more than 5 terms later. 

Other Funds

POCO and VHOC have their own adventure funds for active members as well. Contact the club chairs for information about guidelines to qualify. Once you know if you qualify for the fund please complete the form below with a proposal attached which you must submit for review to the club. All trips are subject to risk management review. 

Funds Disbursement

Each participant must complete this form to initiate the process. The form includes submission of their trip application.  OPO Staff will send the trip application to Student Risk Management and potentially the Risk Management Advisory committee for review, based on these criteria.

Once the trip is approved by risk management it can be awarded funding and OPO staff will submit form to the Administrative Assistant to process payment. 

Payment cannot be processed more than one month prior to the start of the trip. Payment will be sent by cheque to the address provided on the form. If you have not received payment within a few weeks, check in with the Administrative Assistant in Robinson Hall. 

International Travel

All international trips, whether club-sponsored or through funding from Schlitz, DKAF or club adventure funds must adhere to these procedures:

*Notify Dick's House of plans for foreign travel as soon as possible, and seek required immunizations and travel consultations.
*Ensure that trip and participants have information about Dartmouth's ISOS resources

Undergraduate students MUST register their travel for any program that:

Dartmouth requires, supports, supervises, controls, or manages;
Is financially supported through any Dartmouth account; or
Is expected to result in the granting of academic credit received for courses taken at other institutions or their programs (transfer credits)
Faculty, staff, and alumni traveling on Dartmouth business are also strongly encouraged to enter their information on this site.

Click here to register your travel

Taking a few moments to register your travel will enable us to contact you in the event of an emergency.

PLEASE NOTE: Dartmouth's Travel Risk Management Policy prohibits the use of Dartmouth funds to support travel to a country or region under a U.S. State Department warning. If you are traveling to one of these countries, a Travel Waiver is required. Travel exception forms for countries not on Dartmouth's "green" travel list can be found here.

PRIVACY PROTECTION INFORMATION: Information submitted to the Travel Registry will be used by the Office of the Provost and selected other offices in charge of international travel, and only for the purpose of contacting travelers in the event of an emergency.


Leader Training Subsidies

To find out about how to apply for subsidies for skills trainings and certifications for DOC leaders and Leaders-in-Training, check out our policies.

Last Updated: 4/1/24