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The John C. Rust 1930 Memorial DOC LIbrary 

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The DOC Library was created in 1943 with a memorial gift from Dr. Edwin Rust to honour his deceased nephew John. It contains a large collection of outdoor guidebooks, adventure stories, DOC lore and much more. 

It is housed in Robinson Hall, in room 121 (guidebooks and history) and room 108, the DOC Lounge (stories and more). 


The Library contains an extensive collection of local area maps used regularly by DOC leaders to plan an execute their regular weekly trips. In addition, it houses the accumulated guides and maps from areas where we have ventured further afield, which are useful for future leaders as they plan their adventures. 

DOC Annual Reports

In addition to physical copies of recent DOC publications like Woodsmoke and the Ledyard River Rat, the library houses print copies of DOC Annual Reports, Officer Manuals, scrapbooks and other archival paraphernalia, like old issues of Chubber! magazine. DOC Archive



Planning your next adventure? Whether you're a DOC leader organizing a spring break trip or an aspiring adventurer dreaming about applying funding from the DOC and want to figure out where to go and how to get there, we've got lots of resources for you. Hiking, climbing, river guides and more. Located in Room 121 Robinson Hall. 


Environmental Literature, Trip Stories and Outdoor Practiceguide books

Whether you want to learn about how to gut a fish, splint a broken ankle or care for a watershed, this is where to find it. Along with a huge collection of epic tales of high peak adventures, also some classics like Walden, Leopold and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Immerse yourself in the mountains, rivers and faraway landscapes for a few minutes, or check out a tome and take a deep dive. 


While we don't have infinite space, the funds are meant to be used so if you find something missing that you want to use to plan a trip, or have a favourite book that you think others should know about, let us know and we'll get it in. Find one of the DOC advisors in rm 121. 

Last Updated: 2/10/20