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DOC Membership

Dartmouth Students
Annual $20
Annual Family $35
Student Career $50
Life $200
Dartmouth Employees
Annual $25
Annual Family $45
Life $500
Dartmouth Alums
Annual $35
Annual Family $70
Life (up to 5th reunion) $200
Life (after 5th reunion) $500
Associate Memberships
Annual $40
Annual Family $80
(Rates as of 2017)

Membership in the DOC is open to all members of the Dartmouth community, and to others whose interests conform to those of the club. To become a member, please call the Outdoor Program Business Office during business hours: (603) 646-2834.

Membership Benefits

Benefits For All Members

Additional Benefits for Dartmouth Students

Eligibility for membership and official positions in clubs and various special interest groups within the DOC, e.g. Bait & Bullet, Cabin & Trail, Mountain Biking Club, ESD, Mountaineering Club, Ski Patrol, Winter Sports, Women in the Wilderness, etc.*

  • Reduced rates on season passes, and discounted overnights at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge.
  • A copy of the Dartmouth Outing Guide is included with initial membership.
  • Eligibility for Financial Aid on all DOC and OPO programs, including membership fee.
  • One week advance DOC cabin reservation privilege (4 weeks ahead instead of 3).
  • * The Ledyard Canoe Club has its own separate membership fee.

Additional Benefits for Life Members

  • Free use of DOC cabins
  • Immediate family of life members pay half rates for cabins — so spouses pay half, and children six to eighteen pay quarter.
  • Membership certificate
  • DOC patch and pin

Membership Categories

Dartmouth Students: Open to any registered student at Dartmouth College (including special students, and those enrolled in an A&S graduate program or one of the three graduate schools).
Dartmouth Employees: Open to any member of the faculty, administration, staff or service group of Dartmouth College who has a college identification number and is currently on the payroll.
Dartmouth Alums: Open to alumnae and alumni of Dartmouth College. Anyone who has been accepted to the College and been assigned a year (e.g. ’11) is considered an alum.
Associate Memberships: Open to anyone whose interests conform to those of the Club. 
Annual: Membership is active from July 1 to June 30. After April 1, pro-rated memberships are available which run through the following year.
Annual Family: Same as Annual but extends membership benefits to spouse, and children up to eighteen years of age.
Student Career: Membership is active until graduation (includes 5th year B.E.). We don’t offer a student career family membership at this time.
Life: Membership is active for the life of the individual. Some benefits are extended to spouses and children under 18.

Life memberships are tax deductible; all others are not.

To view the membership database or check your status, click here. 

Last Updated: 10/23/19