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Driver Certification

Dartmouth and DOC Driver Requirements 2022

All DOC drivers must comply with all requirements set out by Local and State Authorities, Dartmouth’s Driver Policies and Procedures, and the DOC training guidelines you learned during your on-road training. 

(These steps must be completed in order!) 

You must have a valid US or Canadian driver’s license. And meet these additional requirements set out by Dartmouth College.

- If you meet the requirements, fill out this form and email a copy of your license to in the OPO office.
- You will get a notification from CANVAS that Dartmouth’s required online driving modules and tests is available on your Canvas site. Once your application is submitted, it can take 1-2 weeks for Transportation Services to process your application and set you up for the online training. Start Early! 
- Take the online training course modules. 
- Once you have been notified by Transportation Services that you have passed your modules you are ready to do the supplemental on-road practical with DOC/OPO student trainers
- Note: the Transportation Services email will indicate that you have completed approval. The DOC and OPO require an additional, supplemental, on-road training for Vans and microbusses. 
- Use this form to set up a time to do your practical training
You may do one or all of the trainings:
- Van 
- Microbus (This training covers vans)
- Trailer
- Timber Team/BnB Trailer supplemental

Your trainer will let you know if you satisfactorily completed the training or if you need more practice. Your trainer will update the spreadsheet in the Google Drive noting which training/training you completed.

You must then see Kate in the OPO office to get a Driver Card which will note what type of vehicle you are eligible to drive. 

Anytime you update or add to your training you must see Kate for a new card. 

**Important** If your license expires you must come back to the OPO office and give Kate a new copy of your license or you will NO LONGER BE ELIGIBLE TO DRIVE. 

If you are interested in being a paid student Driver Trainer see Willow or Rory in the OPO office for more information. 

To check if you are on the driver list or see who can drive for you, the driver list can be viewed here.

Full information about DOC and OPO driving policies can be viewed here


Loss of Certification

Your DOC driver card has an expiration date on it, the same date as your state-issued driver’s license expires. Usually by the time your driver card expires, you’ll have your new driver’s license. Bring your new driver’s license, or send a clear photo to Kate in OPO and she will issue you a new DOC driver card.

You can also lose your driver certification — by getting into an accident or getting moving violations (like speeding tickets, warnings, etc.), or a few other bad things we really shouldn’t have to tell you not to do. If your driver certification is revoked by Parking and Transportation or by OPO, you will not be able to drive vehicles for the Dartmouth Outing Club or any other office or department on campus. An appeals process is available if you need to challenge the revocation of your certification. 

Use of Personal Vehicles

In order for students to use non-College vehicles for College activities, they must be College-approved drivers (at least sedan/minivan certified). The legal owner of the vehicle must consent to the use of their vehicle for College activities (so if you’re driving a car registered in your parent’s name, it's important to have their permission). You must also reserve the vehicle through Trailhead (note desire to use personal vehicle, or it may be assigned after discussion) BEFORE the trip. 

You may then be reimbursed for vehicle mileage at the current federal reimbursement rate. See the Financial Coordinator or your club advisor to fill out the reimbursement form. 

Last Updated: 7/8/22