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Use of cabins is by reservation only. OPO cabins may be reserved up to six months in advance by Dartmouth alums and benefits-eligible employees only. DOC cabins may be reserved up to six weeks in advance by Dartmouth students, and up to one month in advance by anyone else. Reservations run from noon to noon. There is a five-night maximum on all cabin reservations. The Class of '66 Lodge may be reserved up to 6 months in advance by the DOC, educational groups, or reunions, with approval. It may be reserved up to 3 months in advance by students, and up to 2 months in advance by everyone else.

Reservations must be made in the name of one person (not an organization) — that person must accompany the group and is responsible for the actions of the group at the cabin. The Grant Caretaker is authorized to request identification.

All cabin reservations are completed online, with confirmation by e-mail. 

Dartmouth students may reserve a cabin more than 6 weeks in advance only by contacting the DOC Cabins Manager.


Cabins are secured by combination padlocks or combination key lockboxes. Lock combinations will be provided to cabin renters one week before their stay.

Access gates in the Second College Grant are secured by padlock, with combination key lockboxes nearby. 

Renters wishing to use the fireplace at the Class of '66 Lodge should inquire with the DOC Cabins Manager. There is a different combination to unlock the fireplace. There is a fireplace usage fee of $35 per night to cover wood consumption. Use of the fireplace may be denied.

The use of all DOC and Outdoor Programs facilities is intended to be for educational purposes. While the consumption of alcohol is permitted, it must be limited to 1-2 servings per person and will be strictly monitored. 'Drinking games' of any kind are not permitted. Obvious intoxication by any member of the group will result in immediate revocation of use privileges for the entire group or organization. Continued use of these facilities and spaces are contingent upon adherence to this and all other policies as well as compliance with Outdoor Programs staff.

Outdoor Programs may charge for any damage to a cabin or any cleaning that is necessary resulting from a cabin stay. Additionally, outdoor fires are not allowed at any cabins except '66 Lodge, Armington, or Great Bear and require the advance permission of the Cabins Manager. Evidence of an unauthorized outdoor fire will incur a $100 fine.

Pets are allowed at all cabins. Owners are responsible for the behaviour and management of pets, and any damages or mess will result in fines. Please pick up waste and remove from the property. 


Fees are charged per individual. Group size may not exceed the capacity of the cabin (nor is tenting permitted around the cabins or anywhere in the Grant).

Payment information (e.g. credit card number) is due upon making the reservation. Payments will be processed when we finalize the reservation's cabin fee.

Misrepresentation of number of party members or membership status for a cabin reservation will result in the fee being doubled. Failure to pay any fee for a cabin reservation will result in the revocation of cabin use privileges and may result in loss of Outing Club membership.


Dartmouth faculty using DOC or OPO cabins with students as part of an academic class are entitled to flat per-night rates. This is listed as the "Educational Group" rate in the charts.

Educational and Non-Profit organizations (such as schools, youth groups, 501(c)3s, etc.) are eligible for discounted rates for DOC and OPO cabins. To get your organization approved for these rates, please e-mail for DOC Cabins and for OPO Cabins. Approval may take a few weeks, so please plan ahead.


OPO cabin reservations may be cancelled with full refund up to thirty days before the reservation. Between ten and thirty days before the reservation, cancellations forfeit half of the rental fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations fewer than ten days prior. 

DOC cabin reservations may be cancelled with full refund up to seven days before the reservation. Fewer than seven days prior, cancellations forfeit half the rental fee.

We reserve the right to charge a flat cancellation fee if the rental fee has not yet been finalized. After the list of guests has been submitted, no refund will be given for individual cancellations, though replacements and additions are permitted. No refunds will be given for cancellations owing to weather conditions.

Last Updated: 1/15/24