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Cabin Reservations

Click to view DOC cabin availability and make a reservation. 

Click here to view Grant cabin availability and make a reservation.


Cabin availability is on a first come, first serve basis. How far in advance you can book a cabin depends on both the cabin and your group type. 

  • DOC Cabins (including those in the Grant) can be reserved six weeks in advance by current students, and four weeks in advance by everyone else.
  • The Class of '66 Lodge (a DOC cabin) can be reserved up to six months in advance by the DOC, and for educational groups and reunions. Students can reserve the lodge up to three months in advance, and everyone else can reserve up to two months in advance. 
  • OPO Cabins can be reserved six months in advance.  

All of the cabins are available year-round, except that we close the Grant down around the month of April for mud season. Also, we don’t plow all the roads in the Grant every year (it depends on where logging operations are going on), so some cabins may be far from parking in the winter.


All cabin reservations are made online through ResNexus, albeit on separate pages for DOC and OPO Cabins. Use the links above. 

ResNexus only allows online booking within the standard availability window (four weeks for DOC cabins, six months for OPO cabins). All reservations beyond the standard booking window can only be made by contacting the Cabins Manager. If you are unsure whether your group qualifies for advance booking, reach out to the Cabins Manager and they can assist you.

You will NOT be charged until the Cabins Managers have resceived an accurate guest list, inlcuding the names of all guests that will be in attendance, as well as class years if you are a student group. You can do this by either:

  • Using the "+ Add Guest" button at the bottom of the Guest/Purchaser Information page to create a profile for each guest (this works best for smaller groups), or
  • Including your guest list in the "Notes" box on the same page.

All online reservations must add payment information (i.e. credit or debit card) to complete the booking. If your group qualifies for a free reservation, the Cabins Manager will adjust your rate manually once they have received your guest list

Do NOT worry about the "Admin Use Only" button! It must stay on '1'. This is a quirk of our reservations software. 


If you have any questions about DOC cabins, please contact the Cabins Manager via email at or call (603) 646-1602.  

If you have questions about OPO cabins in the Second College Grant, please email


Last Updated: 3/26/24