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Cabin Reservations


All cabin reservations are made online, albeit on separate pages for DOC and OPO Cabins. Use the links above. 

You will NOT be charged until you provide an accurate guest list!

Students and DOC Life Members please note that you will be asked to provide credit card information but you will NOT be charged for the reservation for DOC Cabins. 

Do NOT worry about the "admin use only" button! It must stay on '1'. This is a quirk of our reservations software. 


If you have any questions about DOC cabins, please contact the Cabin's Manager via email at or call (603) 646-1602.  Office hours are 9 am-noon, Monday-Wednesday and 10 am-noon, Friday. 

If you have questions about OPO cabins in the second college grant, please email


Last Updated: 1/19/23