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"I would insist that the person who spends four years in our north country and does not learn to hear the melody of rustling leaves or does not learn to love the wash of racing brooks over their rocky beds in spring - who has never experienced the repose to be found on lakes and rivers, who has not stood enthralled on top of Moosilauke on a moonlit night or has not become a worshipper of color as the sun sets from one of Hanover's hills; who has not thrilled at the whiteness of the snow-clad countryside in winter or at the flaming forest of the fall - I would insist that this person has not reached out for some of the most worthwhile educational values accessible at Dartmouth."
-Ernest Martin Hopkins, Late President Emeritus of Dartmouth College

Whether you decide to become involved in the DOC, or enjoy a gentle stroll in Pine Park, the Dartmouth Outdoors is yours to discover. The DOC and Outdoor Programs are here to help you make the most of your time in this beautiful natural setting, both close to campus and further afield. We are 100% sure that we have something to offer every Dartmouth student, regardless of experience level.

Feeling stressed about the cost? Don't worry, we've got a  financial aid program!

To get away from campus for an evening, consider renting a cabin, or heading to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. If you haven't been since your FY Trip, you should know that it's a very different experience! Low-key, relaxed atmosphere, staffed by normally dressed, and reasonably enthusiastic students and recent grads. 

If you're looking for folks to go hiking with, consider joining the Cabin and Trail e-mail list. Go to and sign up for Cabin-Trail. You'll hear about day hikes, feeds (home-cooked meals, great for meeting like-minded individuals) and other fun ways to enjoy the out of doors. CnT is only one of many outdoor clubs to get involved in-try one of the other DOC Clubs. Or maybe sign up for a PE Class offered by Outdoor Programs.

The DOC also has a number of different funds to help sponsor your expedition or research. Check out our grants!

If you don't need company, just equipment, check out Dartmouth Outdoor Rentals.

It is often heard, from the mouths of seniors, in the spring, at Moosilauke, or in Robinson Hall, "I wish I had done more with the outdoors at Dartmouth." Take advantage of this opportunity now!

Last Updated: 1/13/23